Best Smother porn sites

Smother porn sites

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Smothering fetish is not something to be taken lightly. It’s one of the most arousing kinks out there and it brings joy to many a happy couple. If you’re looking for a unique and creative form of foreplay, give this a try. Also, if you’re looking for a unique selection of pornographic paysites… look no further than this category right here!

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You will be able to find lots and lots of unbiased reviews tackling the hottest smothering paysites. We do our absolute best to give you unbiased reviews of what you’ll be getting here. Every single write-up pretty much follows the exact same structure, so it’s easy to compare and contrast the options available. You’ll learn about the quality and quantity of the videos, we’ll look into the update schedule, bonuses, browsing experience, and several other things that can make or break your decisions to join a site.

Fetish Content for Everyone

Along with our detailed and in-depth written reviews, you will be able to access the sites directly. Even if you’re just a random passer-by that doesn’t know a single thing about this fetish, we still urge you to pay a visit to the top sites from this category. It’s always a wise idea to uncover new and interesting websites to explore and indulge in some good fetish material. Don’t be afraid to lose the virtual virginity to new, different fetishes, because this can be a real aphrodisiac to your sex life. By the way, it’s hard to give you a concrete idea of what to expect from the content the sites offer because it varies wildly from site to site.

Top 1 Smother porn sites:


Brutal Facesitting is a medium-sized Fetish porn site, devoted to particular action mentioned in its title. It’s hard to judge how brutal it is (doesn’t look too brutal for me), but there are several apparent features of the site, making it rather enticing: beautiful and shameless girls, who really love to dominate, exclusive content, HD videos and high-resolution photos. Let’s go deeper!

Torture Time

Want pain? Want humiliation? Want to feel like the useless little bitch that you are? Well, you’re more than welcome to read the review and visit the site in question. Torture Time has everything you have ever wanted and more, as far as femdom content goes!