xChimera Review

Fetishistic glamcore fucking with the best European pornstars. XChimera is one of those sites that has no business being as good as it is because, on the surface, the premise is VERY hard to take seriously. So, there’s a secret society within our society, right? No, not the Reptilians.

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xChimera Full review

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  • + Sets look gorgeous
  • + Women look gorgeous
  • + Fucking looks gorgeous
  • + Full-HD porn
  • + Lots of bonus content
  • + There’s one Blue Angel scene
  • - Their library is minuscule
  • - The premise is cheesy AF
  • - There’s ONLY ONE Blue Angel Scene

There’s this Eyes Wide Shut meets 50 Shades cult (?) that tracks down women and men that fulfills the most twisted fantasies of their discerning members. The TOTALLY twisted and FUCKED-UP fantasies include…. fucking a tied chick. Enjoying some facesitting. Nailing a blindfolded gal. Having an Asian girl dress up as some sorta fortuneteller. And so on.

First Impressions and Free Stuff

The design is exactly what you expect from a LetsDoeIt site. You know how it usually looks, folks. We are not going to describe it once again. Go read our other reviews or something.

The situation with freebies is also very much the same as with all the other LetsDoeit websites: there’s not much to sink your teeth in. Sorry.

Darkest Fantasies of the Lamest People Ever

As we briefly alluded to above, the fantasies are very much mundane. They include most of the stuff that you’d regularly see in scenes produced by Brazzers, Naughty America, and other “mainstream” porn companies. So, in our humble opinion, XChimera has been heavily mismarketed. None of the fantasies are dark or twisted, but, BUT the action itself looks gorgeous.

All the sex is unquestionably passionate, all the women are gorgeous, and the scenes feel unmissable. It’s just that they are NOT very kinky at all. To put it in plain terms, if you rank XChimera scenes as fetish porn, they only deserve 5/10 at best and if you rank them against other generic mainstream/hardcore porn movies, they deserve 9/10.

XChimera Porn Videos – Important Data

Here comes the major disappointment – as of right now, there only 35 scenes available back at XChimera. Of course, since you DID join a site that’s a part of the world-famous LetsDoeit network, you get access to over 15 different websites, including The White Boxxx, Scam Angels, and Her Limit. In other words, there’s MORE than enough content for you to go through even if you feel like XChimera isn’t really worth the price of admission alone.

By the way, you’ll also be happy to learn that all the XChimera scenes are fully exclusive. They never reuse content back at LetsDoeit. They just don’t!

Bottom Line

If you want sophisticated pornography that is NOT kinky at all, we suggest turning your attention to XChimera. Their library is hilarious tiny, so you gotta examine the list of bonus sites to figure out if there’s enough that interests you.

Similar Sites

There are many other sites dealing with assorted fetishes, including 21 Sextreme and The life erotic. Truth be told, they all are marginally kinkier than XChimera, but they don’t really offer the same kinda twisted, sophisticated eroticism, so to speak. It’s pretty hard to put into words, but we believe that each site is special in its own right and you should check them all out to see which scope/selection suits you the best.

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