Underwater Show Review

by: Usman Clark

Instant hotness… just add water! This is an exclusive collection of water-themed pornography featuring hot babes that love skinny dipping and hot teasing in skintight swimwear. Underwater Show is a great pick for those that seek specialty porn in HD.

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Underwater Show Full review

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  • Lots of different sub-kinks
  • Full-HD quality
  • Underwater footage is majestic
  • Amateur chicks are hot
  • Repetitive content
  • Very simple design

Showing the Hottest Underwater Porn

Yeah, underwater / water fetish is not on par with foot fetish in terms of popularity and mainstream acceptance, but it’s also pretty hot. Sites like Underwater Show are doing their best to keep their loyal clientele fully satisfied by putting out fetish videos starring women that look amazingly sexy in snug swimsuits or totally submerged in water. Visitors of this odd yet beautiful website should prepare to see a surprisingly diverse selection of content with good-looking and mostly amateur 18+ teens from Europe.

Full-HD Under-the-Water Fetish Pornography

All the videos recorded underwater look great because you can really tell that the folks behind this site spared no expenses. They really showed the world that Underwater Show is a website that was created FOR true fans of the genre and BY true fans of the genre. All the scenes look gorgeous in breathtaking 1080p Full-HD.

Decent Selection of Fetish Content

At the time of writing, there are 165+ fetish scenes with a runtime of at least seven minutes. There are also picture galleries to accompany every video. They can be easily downloaded in .zip packages. We know that most fetish sites fall into the “smaller size” category and Underwater Show is no exception.

Frequent-ish Updates with Sexy Swimmers

Look, it’s pretty hard to track down real-life underwater fetishists, so the updates are not as frequent as you might have wanted and as not as frequent as on the other websites from the same network. But they’re still very regular, so you can expect two new videos a month, and in this case those will be videos, not photos or anything like that.

Archaic Browsing Experience

Archaic but inoffensive, that’s an important distinction that we have to make. In 2021, the design here looks pretty damn outdated. Not only that, but there are several key features missing, including the ability to leave comments, add models to your favorites, and interact with like-minded people (including the underwater hotties themselves).

Seductive Wet Babes Going Wild

If you’re into this kind of content, then you should definitely give this website a visit. Underwater Show is one of the last sites standing that is still exploring the underwater porn niche. If you’re open-minded and are currently searching for a new kink to start obsessing over, Underwater Show is also a great option.

That being said, if you’re not actually kinky and prefer to be pampered with the highest possible quality and mainstream content… Well, Underwater Show is definitely not something that will appeal to your interests. Just look at their main page to figure out what’s what.

No Sexy Bonuses to Bring Up

One of the worst things about Underwater Show is the fact that there are no bonuses for you to latch onto, really. Other sites oftentimes offer access to bonus web portals or a decent number of additional scenes exploring similar themes… You won’t find ANY of that on Underwater Show. Bummer. That being said, they might fix that in the future.

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