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Tenshigao is a definitive Japanese amateur porn site. It is an ever-growing collection of non-professional sex tape videos featuring everyday women from all over Japan. You get the fully uncensored JAV experience out of it. There’s a dash of cheating, sex for money, and casting XXX overtones in these real amateur vids.

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Tenshigao Full review

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  • Authentic Asian porn
  • UHD scenes
  • Bonus sites
  • Introductory videos are kinda bland

Spearheading JAV – Fantastic Cheating Porn Site

One of the adult entertainment genres that we personally expected to reach new heights in terms of popularity and reach is none other than good ol’ JAV. Even the most mainstream/conventional fans of porn tend to enjoy a JAV video or two even if they describe them as “weird.” We know that many believe that JAV is not a thing of beauty but we disagree. It’s a fantastic window into another country’s many cultures, customs, and sexualities, something that can never be fully grasped or understood from a textbook or a documentary. Thanks to Japanese videos, we can understand what makes Japanese women so desirable, so attractive. These sexually savvy individuals understand what it is that makes you tick in a way that can never be fully explained by textbook discussions. Over the years, JAV videos started to elicit more and more fan responses, and its popularity continues to grow. Last year, people enjoyed K-porn due to the insane exposure of Korean pop culture on TV. While K-pop continues to make headlines, JAV is where it’s at. It’s a great section of pornography spearheaded by unmissable sites such as Tenshigao. The site that we are going to review today.

The most important thing about this website’s presentation is its core theme. It is related to cheating. The movies ALL show hot women who enjoy going down and having sex with various men while other men watch and/or participate from the sidelines. This is not your standard “hobbyist” site. No, this is a site that celebrates cheating. Fetishizes it. Each scene is hotter than the other and we get to see some more of the most impressive action you could possibly hope for. Not only do the videos offer genuine passion and a candid look at real-life Japanese cheaters, but they also tell beautiful stories through fucking and orgasms. Each scene is a complete work of art that usually includes a tense, exciting build-up that leads to some truly spectacular moans and groans and totally hot cumshots.

Impressive Numbers from Tenshigao

There are close to 250 different scenes available on this website at the time of writing. Each scene has a runtime of close to 50-60 minutes, so you get to see a ton of good JAV. Each movie is accompanied by a gallery with 150+ pictures. You get close to 15 brand-new videos every month, so the update schedule is pretty damn tight. Also, most scenes are available in high quality, which is one more advantage that this site has over many others. We’re talking a stellar Ultra-HD 4k level here.

Also, the site is great from a navigational standpoint. It doesn’t take all that much effort to find exactly what you were looking for. The design is great and the tagging system works to your advantage. Each scene is properly tagged so it’s easy to find what you are looking for. Again, it’s not as though some sites aren’t searchable by genre or category, it’s that Tenshigao is great at just about everything.

Japanese amateur porn site

Kinky Cheaters That Made Tenshigao Famous

The site is really incredible in terms of what it has to offer as far as diversity goes. There are just so many scenes from different angles and characters that it is almost impossible to go through them all in one sitting. One of the most important parts of any pornsite experience is its female roster. Tenshigao has some of the hottest women on offer.

The first lady that we want to focus our attention on is the brazen Mao Haneda. Her scenes are pretty damn fetishy, but that should not discourage you from enjoying what she has to offer. The pregnant lady has a big belly and she is a big baby-making machine, but she is still willing to step out on her husband. The two scenes that show her getting fingered, fucked, and otherwise made to feel very much aroused on camera are quite a marvel.

A more traditional recommendation would be Shiori Fujimori. An edgy Tokyoite with purple hair and not a single care in this world. She has a boyfriend but she doesn’t really care if he finds out that she’s cheating on him. The girl is big into footjobs, cock licking, and creampies as well. Her biggest strength is the way that she controls her desires when she has sex. She is willing to stay in the face of adversity and submit to her partner’s will to have an orgasm while others are watching.

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