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Sweet Suzie is the internet home of Suzie, the pornstar. The cute lady has a lot to offer on every front and her web portal is a good representation of that. Her body is super-good and her mind is filled with naughty ideas.

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Sweet Suzie Full review

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  • Hot lady
  • Hot lesbian and solo action
  • Bonus sites
  • No updates
  • Small library

No One is Sexy Like Suzie

What we have on our hands is a great pornographic site dedicated solely to one of the best Czech pornstars of her era… Suzie. Sure, she might not be as famous as some of the other CZ babes, but she is one of the best softcore performers out there. Yeah, perhaps Suzie’s career didn’t quite reach the heights that she would have liked because she did not do hardcore boy/girl scenes. Her personal website will not be filled with videos dealing with anal, double penetration, deepthroat domination, or anything like that. You will only be able to enjoy her solo and girl-on-girl scenes. She is hot enough to make everything worth watching, so no complaints here. We encourage you to be as open-minded as possible as well because it is not wise to shield yourself from content this hot only because outside of your usual porn genres, you have never seen a woman perform anything like this before.

Instead of writing about all the special things that this site offers, let’s focus on the hottie in question. Suzie. She offers beauty that is everlasting and undeniable. She combines sophistication with mystery and seduction. It is hard to think of any Czech woman with better body parts. If you can’t handle her beauty, you should really not even try to look at her body. It’s obvious that Suzie is big into fitness, so she isn’t merely skinny, as you would expect. She is very fit and that is reflected in the energy that she brings to the table. Her mind is also filled with naughty ideas and her charisma is almost palpable. We have never seen anyone quite like this. She can be your new favorite if you allow her to. She can show the heights that solo porn can reach in the right hands.

No New Movies, but That’s Fine

The big thing to address here is that this site stopped updating. There are not too many movies offered anyway, most of the stuff comes from the bonus network that you get access to (over 3,100 videos in total). There are over 6,600 images in a high resolution presented as well.

The design is basic and even a tad dated, but that does not take away from the fact that the navigation is pretty easy. You can easily find everything that Suzie has to offer in a matter of minutes, without ever feeling lost.

No One is Sexy Like Suzie

Suzie’s Sexiest Friends Deserve Your Attention

Even though the focal point here is Suzie, you can easily see other popular Czech actresses working their sexiness on camera as well. One such lady is Veronika. Their scene together features some seriously fun lesbian back-and-forth. The women try to outdo each other’s sexiness and that might just be one of the best acts that you will see this month. It is probably the best thing that can happen to your imagination as well since this scene leaves many opportunities on the table.

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