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Consider yourselves lucky. You found a great site that belongs to a hot girl named Lucky. She can give you a great time. All of her galleries and videos are arousing, but there’s a but. You can learn more about it.

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Sweet Lucky Full review

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  • Hot girl
  • Hot scenes
  • Bonus sites
  • No updates, small library

As Luck Would Have It, It’s a Great Site

It is hard not to feel lucky when you stumble upon a site that features Lucky… Lucky the Hot Girl. You know the one? You probably don’t since she is fairly underrated. Which is pretty surprising, all things considered. This brunette looks like a true goddess. Everything about her is incredible, including her pretty face, long legs, firm ass, and gorgeous pussy. It is difficult to find a girl with a better figure because Lucky is perfect. She, however, does not let her perfection get in the way of her sex skills. As you can imagine, a lesser performer would have just coasted on her looks, but Lucky really knows how to work. Work hard. She knows what her pussy needs and delivers. Even when she is doing a solo scene, she still puts in her 110% and gives you something to look forward to. Her scenes are surprisingly dramatic despite the fact that they are not as hardcore as you would expect. It is a great experience and you owe it to yourself, if we are being completely honest.

One of the things that draw people to her is the fact that she offers a fairly varied collection of porn.

  • Sometimes she enjoys straight sex (for instance, there is a very popular scene called “Getting Fucked Hard”),
  • sometimes she has fun with her girlfriends,
  • and oftentimes we see her enjoying solo action.

No matter what she does, it always looks great and there is no way you would not enjoy the selection of exciting content that is only presented on the website. That way, you can find something that is actually exciting. Something that will bring you the level of excitement that you are looking for. The best part is that this site does not offer anything that is boring. Many such sites have a lot of filler, but Lucky’s personal paysite does not have that. Every scene matters and she makes sure that you get your money’s worth, so to speak. What is also very telling is the fact that the majority of the clients who come to the website are fully satisfied and enjoy the bonus content on the regular as well.

Small Library, but a Hot Library

As mentioned above, each video/gallery is a masterpiece. However, you need to take into consideration the fact that this site stopped updating a long time ago. Lucky called it a career and decided to pursue opportunities outside of porn. Each scene is available in decent quality. The runtime is relatively short. As a bonus, you get access to 12+ sites from the same network. In other words, you get tens of thousands of videos as a bonus. Pretty neat, huh?

From a design standpoint, we are not sure if it is because of their limited resources or if it is because of how unskilled the design team is. The site looks bad. It is both dated and bad-looking, so there is no saving grace. Guess the fact that it is very easy to get around is an important factor, though. It is also very easy to access the content and unlike a lot of porn sites, there are no delays or slow loading.

Lucky the Hot Girl

Lucky Girls That Share the Screen with Lucky

The pressure is on whenever you share the screen with Lucky. She is one of the best performers out there and there is nothing that you can do about it. That being said, all things considered, there is a girl that can match her sexual charisma and her name is Mya Diamond. The horned-up Hungarian got to share the screen with Lucky in a 30-minute scene that deals with some of the most passionate lesbo action you have ever seen. They both wear black lingerie, including stockings, they both cover each other’s bodies in kisses before it all culminates with a nice round of pussy licking. The ending sees the girls dry-humping each other and making out. You get the feeling that is not the last that you see of them.

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