Submissive Cuckolds Review

by: Usman Clark

Submissive Cuckolds is some type of femdom / cuckold porn niches combination. Not only the jealous but weak husbands have to watch their desperate wives being fucked by random guys, but also they have to participate in action, with their heads stuck between the girl’s legs, and even sucking the big cock of a better man. Submissive Cuckolds yet has a small collection of content, but it is 100% exclusive and is exposed in high-quality videos and photos.

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The concept of the porn site is clearly seen in its title. Submissive Cuckolds isn’t the only, and it’s neither the first resource to combine Cuckold niche with Femdom niche, but it definitely does it well. It is meant to go farer than just exposing the misery of guys, whose girlfriends or wives are cheating on them; it also involves these losers in action, playing submissive roles.


What you should expect from Submissive Cuckolds is a relatively small amount of exclusive, original and good sex scenes, featuring some outstanding Russian beauties, thoroughly screwed by horny boys, and at the same time dominating their obedient husbands. These scenes are best described as FMM bisexual threesomes, where one of the males plays passive role. He often gets a cock in his face, and eats lots of pussy during the scene. Thus, the content on Submissive Cuckolds is quite spicy, and it impersonates total Femdom (and Cuckold niche as a part of it) very well.

Scene format

Standard scene format on Submissive Cuckold is a 20-minute porn video (or ~120 pictures in a photo set), which is divided into two main parts. The first one exposes pure Femdom, where a bitch teaches her slave husband discipline and obedience, often making him lick her feet, sitting on his face and probably torturing his penis. The second part is when the third guy comes in to play, but he’s way less submissive: this one is here to fuck the beautiful girl, and the husband has to watch and service them having fun. He may keep licking his wife’s ass while the other guy pounds her pussy, or he may be humiliated in a dozen of other ways.

+ Good HD video and picture quality

You don’t get many formats on Submissive Cuckolds, but at least they offer good HD porn videos and high-resolution photos. You can usually find a 720 HD wmv video for the scene, with maximum bitrate around 3984 kbps. Other formats include 480p wmv (for early videos), and SD mp4 (mpg) that you can stream via your browser on mobile devices, or download. There is an embedded video player too. Photos come in 1720×1147 pixel resolution (around 2Mpix), which is quite nice for most cases, and the sets are downloadable as zip archives.

– Small amount of content

Unfortunately, there are just 83 porn videos and 81 photo set available on Submissive Cuckold right now. The update rate is very slow, so you shouldn’t expect any improvements in next few years. Average playtime of video is close to 20 minutes, photo sets usually have around 120 photos. Sometimes you can bump into 160+ pictures sets, or 30+ minute videos, but it’s not very usual, as well as videos less than 15 minute long and photo sets having under 80 pics. The content is absolutely exclusive to this site, and rather diverse, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are simply not enough scenes here for a long stay.

– Rare updates

There is no update schedule, but it’s clear that Submissive Cuckolds does not update any better than one new video and one new photo set every month. Really, judging by the date stamps on its videos / photos, you get a new video once in a month (sometimes twice in January), with not less than 3 weeks between updates. Photo sets are added as frequent as videos: once in 20-30 days, but not more than one new set every month. It makes total of just 12-13 new videos and the same amount of photo sets every year.

– Primitive design

It’s not such a big problem, usually, especially for porn sites with small amount of content. However, Submissive Cuckolds definitely lacks some navigation functionality and requires page layout improvement. Upper menu allows to jump between Home (Coming soon, highest rated sets, and new scenes), Pictures, Videos, Models and a few other insignificant sections. There are no filtering / sorting options for scenes (recent come first by default). There are no tags or any other navigational functionality. Some scenes are available for rating (1 to 5) but don’t expect to see the rating (it gives me the 404 error). You can try to leave comment to any scene, but they appear on page as a mess of lines of text, hard to perceive.

– No model info

There are just 45 girls on the list of models on Submissive Cuckolds, but what girls! These are handpicked Russian beauties, young and very delicious. However, model index does not provide any filtering or sorting options, and neither does it provide any information about these models, except for the associated content. Model profile contains a list of scenes for this gal and nothing more: not even her photo, not talking about biography or stats, or contact info, no comments and no ratings. It’s saddening, because there is no reason to be so mean: the producers expose the same models on several sites, and definitely possess some interesting information about them.

– No bonus sites / extra content

Unfortunately, there is no free content available to the members of Submissive Cuckolds, except for the site’s original scenes. No bonus sites are included in the membership (though you can pay like twice more every month and get access to 3 additional sites). It doesn’t seem very nice, because the site’s collection is quite small, while the price is high, and it is devoted to just one type of action, which makes it rather monotonous after some time spent watching these femdom scenes.

Expectations vs Reality

You don’t get many promises during the free tour, and most of them are not very exact: High-resolution, HD Video, Femdom and Cuckold combined, all exclusive scenes. That’s pretty much true and accurate. However, they do not mention update frequency (monthly) or small amount of scenes (83), which can become a rather frustrating discovery, once you enter the prepaid member zone.

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