Squirted Review

by: Usman Clark

Squirted offers a surprisingly mixt assortment of hardcore sex scenes united by one theme – female ejaculation. You are going to see teens, MILFs, and babes squirting like mad during hot fucking or masturbation.

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Squirted Full review

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  • Real squirting
  • Adriana Chechik is everywhere
  • Clean and simple design
  • Looks great on mobile
  • No bonuses

Squirt Queens Cumming Like Crazy

Well… do you really need an explanation here? You’re going to see top-tier pornstars and up-and-comers (up-and-cumers?) getting fucked, masturbation, indulging in lesbo action. The varied collection of hardcore content is united by one thing, one thing only: squirting. Each chick featured in the videos is going to drench her costars in her yummy female juices. The action is consistently arousing and the orgasms are genuine, so we are sure that this collection will appeal to a broad range of porn enthusiasts!

Stream Squirt XXX in Full-HD 1080p

In order to see that the squirt is NOT piss, you need to be able to check out the videos in high resolution, right? Well, the vids available on Squirted can be played in Full-HD 1080p (1920×1080 resolution!). You can see every drop of the beautiful liquid. You can actually feel immersed in the action thanks to the amazing quality.

Get Soaked with 30+ XXX Scenes

At the time of writing, there are over thirty different porno movies centering on hardcore squirting. There are MANY of them that feature Adriana Chechik, so get used to seeing her beautiful mug a lot. The videos are never accompanied by picture galleries, which might be a disappointment for people that enjoy pictorial content.

Bi-Weekly Updates – More or Less

If you’re looking for tons of new videos and updates, this isn’t a website for you. However, if you’re satisfied with having 2-3 new videos per month, then you’re going to love it. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but since the videos are great, it might be enough to satisfy your cravings for these hot and squirty babes.

Mobile-Friendly Squirt Porn Collection

Their design is very simple and straightforward and you can check out the scenes in the highest possible resolution even on mobile. The design itself is very easy on the eyes but it does not offer anything visually engaging or innovative. You can’t leave comments, which is one more thing that can make or break your experience.

Squirted is Only Suitable for Fans of Squirting

It’s hard to recommend this site to anyone aside from die-hard fans of the squirting genre. There are just too many cons that we are going to highlight down below. As far as our TRUE AND HONEST opinion goes, it really is that they should have put more time/thought/resources into this website. It has potential but everything about it is just so lazy!

That being said, you are never going to forget seeing top-tier pornstars such as Kenzie Reeves and Mia Malkova spotlighting their shejaculation prowess in front of the camera.

Members Don’t Get Any Bonus Content At All

No bonuses for anyone, sadly enough. There are no bonus videos, no discounts for any sites, no nothing. You only get the porn that you get on this site and that’s it. As far as this thing goes, it’s mildly disappointing, but this site is not exactly the go-to destination for those that seek top-tier content. Don’t expect much from it.

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