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Squirt Disgrace

Hey, have you ever seen hot babes actually being forced to cum? This is the rare stuff that you will get to enjoy at Squirt Disgrace – a classy BDSM porn site showing famous porn stars tied up, dominated and toyed and fucked till they experience the most intense squirting orgasms in their lives!

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Site closed

This site is no longer active - it is closed or has been moved to another place. We do not recommend that you search for a link to it for security reasons. Better choose another similar site in the same category.

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About site

Do you know what makes the hottest chicks different from simply sexy ones? Well, the difference is not so easy to tell in fact – you won’t be able to see it unless you fuck the chick you want to test really hard. The hottest babes squirt when they come! They twitch like crazy, they yell their hearts out and their pussies turn into fucking fountains when they reach climax! Yeah, they are not the type that will squeal a bit and then fool you into believing that they have just experienced a crazy orgasm. They are the ones who make their pleasure damn visible and tangible!

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Squirt Disgrace is a porn site fully dedicated to them squirters – the hoes whose cunts gush with juice every time they come. But, as you can understand, that “Disgrace” part is not there in the name of this resource by chance. Yeah, this porn website has got a lot to do with BDSM and rough sex and… These kinky things make the pleasure experienced by this site’s stars even more intense! Bound, gagged and spanked, humiliated and stripped in public, banged with all kinds of evil Fucking machines and huge cocks, these dolls look absolutely irresistible. Gotta have a look at them.

Amount of Content

And here’s something that’s going to bring you down even lower, I believe. this XXX website is not only damn old. It’s also damn small! 16 scenes only… Jeez, that’s bad. I don’t think I can imagine a porn surfer who will be satisfied with 16 scenes and no hope to see this number grow with time. You gotta be really undemanding to go for this type of porn site. I don’t actually know why the owners of this resource decided to quit updating it. the XXX website under review today looks absolutely mind-blowing to me. The way it balances between being really rough and not too kinky at the same time… But hey, this might be what explains it. It’s probably just that squirtdisgrace.com is not kinky enough for real BDSM people but a bit too kinky for plain hardcore porn fans. That’s probably why it’s no longer there. But hey, I love it! Does it mean that I’m perverted as hell? 🙂

Content Quality

The quality of content at the reviewed paysite turns out to be surprisingly good for such an outdated porn site, in fact. Well, that proves that it’s 100% exclusive, at least. As if we didn’t know. 1248x700Px at 2650Kbps videos and totally matchless 3000x2000Px pics… Boy, this will make you see every drop of squirt gushing out of these pain sluts’ twats here!


Okay, this porn site is undeniably hot and tempting and stuff – this is without a doubt. However, there’s a fairly disappointing surprise awaiting all those who enter its Members area for the very first time. It’s just that this site is damn outdated! The freshest of its updates dates back to November 2009 – since then there hasn’t been even a single squirting porn video added into this source’s collection. That means it has remained unchanged for well over 2 years already. No, I definitely don’t think that this source is going to recommence its development one day.


this resource turns out to be a part of Porn Pros Network, which is something that might make it a little bit better, in fact, as it means that it’s just overloaded with bonuses. 25 other sites, 2 or 3 of which also are dedicated to that half-hardcore-half-BDSM porn (yoopee, one of them is up to date), 15 additional streamline porn video archives… Hmm, that makes me reconsider things here! With all that bonus stuff behind its belt, this XXX paysite might still be worth joining. Provided squirting chicks are not your only passion, of course.

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