Space Sex Review

by: Usman Clark

The Space Sex game is an exciting title that lets you explore your space-themed sexual fantasies. The insatiable interstellar hottie really needs you to fuck them hard, so you will have your hands full.

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Space Sex Full review

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  • Free basic set
  • Different sex positions
  • Sexy models
  • Not the best site design

Game That Entertains Everyone

Space Sex is a game that has everything you want your porn game to have. There are varied scenarios, different ladies, and a shitton of ways to fully satisfy them. You will be over the moon as you discover new and exciting gameplay mechanics and new ways to get yourself off in the process. The plot is pretty thin and cliched, but that should not be the biggest selling point of any sex sim, you know? It is not about the plot, it is about having the option to fuck all space babes you see, Captain Kirk style. The hotties featured in the game are well done and designed to fit the game’s name. The way they are built out visually and with their personalities and conversations is unparalleled. Some might complain about them all being humanoid, but it’s harder to fuck a space blob thing, is it not?

Overall, the game is very hot and you are sure to appreciate the variety and hotness that it brings to the table.

Important Information

In total, there are 5 stories to be explored. You get more than a dozen positions to try as you enjoy different forms of interstellar interspecies fucking, including doggy style and prone bone. You can play in VR and you can play without VR. The game is totally free to download and enjoy.

The design of the website where you get the game is pretty terrible, but you should not dwell on that. The site might not look great, but you will not spend much time there anyway. You are here for the actual game, after all. The game’s design could also use some work, but it is not about being slick and modern, it is about hooking you up with the hottest space babes and their tight twats, you know?

Everything you want your porn game to have

Lots of Hotties to Choose From

Out of all the sexy women available in the game, our top pick is NOV-A. The short-haired blonde is your cyber wife. Also, your assistant. Also, a hot piece of ass that deserves to get fucked with a great deal of passion. There is also Povan, a short-haired security officer with a hard edge to her. She kind of reminds us of Tasha Yar – she is also hot, but nowhere near as hot as the other ladies aboard the ship.

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