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by: Usman Clark

Only Silk And Satin belongs to a group of erotic / lingerie websites, known as Only All Sites. This network hosts 6 websites with excellent, exclusive photos, depicting attractive girls in seductive poses. Particularly Only Silk And Satin is devoted to lingerie: stockings, pantyhose and such. It has a large collection of original videos and even more photo sets, fully downloadable and streamable.

  • $74.95 for 2 month recurring (whole network)
  • $24.95 for Monthly recurring (including Only silk and satin and 2 bonus sites)
  • $44.95 for 2 month recurring (including Only silk and satin and 2 bonus sites)
  • $59.95 for 3 month recurring (including Only silk and satin and 2 bonus sites)
  • 44.95 for Monthly recurring (whole network)
  • 99.95 for 3 month recurring (whole network)

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Concept of Only Silk And Satin implies erotic exposition of alluring girls, wearing stockings and pantyhose. As they say, Erotic, not the Extreme, and this can be their motto. In the Only All Sites network, Only Silk And Satin represents particularly the stockings niche, while most of its babes wear lingerie, panties and bras, combinations and nighties. Thus, it’s meant to belong to Erotic / Lingerie niche.


Content on Only Silk And Satin is before all represented with super-high-quality photos, available as standalone photo sets. They also have videos, but they are not so high-quality and fewer. As expected, they expose some kind of erotic tease scenes, featuring really adorable young women in very hot lingerie, provocatively posing with some close-up shots, but without any distinct pornographic features. You can surely enjoy the aesthetic beauty of these girls, but you shouldn’t expect them to expose their anatomy in detail.

Scene format

Only Silk And Satin has similar scene format as other resources of Only All Sites network. Its amazing photo sets have 120-140 high-resolution photos, and the videos are not longer than 7-8 minutes. They tend to expose the model in seductive lingerie, probably stripping a little bit, but never taking off her panties, explicitly masturbating or having sex. Some scenes expose two girls together, but still they do not interact the way you are used to see in porn. Purely erotic, short videos and thorough photo sets are focused on temptation and beauty of the girls.

+ Over 2,300 photo sets and 700 videos

The exact numbers are 2394 photo sets and 739 videos, as on August 03, 2016. The collection keeps growing by days. Average size of the photo set is close to 130-140 photos, which is very good, while the videos are relatively short: around 7 minutes each. It’s still more than enough for even a standalone paysite; don’t forget that Only Silk And Satin is included into the network with 5 more similar erotic sites! Thus, the amount of content is very impressive both on this one site and in the whole network.

+ Exquisite photo quality, satisfactory videos

Only Silk And Satin, as well as other Only network sites, offers extremely high resolution and according quality of its photos. They are available for watching online or downloading in zip archives as amazing 5616×3744 pixel photos, which is the highest resolution ever exposed on porn sites. Other options include 3000×2000 and 1066×711 pixel photos, for traffic optimization. Videos are labeled as “Full HD”, and they really have the resolution of 1920x1080p as mp4 files. However, the bitrate is just above 4,000 kbps, which is not enough for true Full HD videos. The alternative format is 360p mp4, both are downloadable. Older scenes also have 720p wmv download option.

+ Daily photo updates, weekly videos

Only Silk And Satin adds a new original photo set every single day! An unbelievable offer of generosity includes also one or two videos every week, which actually gives more than 7 scenes weekly, exceeding any expectations you may have had for the standalone erotic site. The other network sites update as often as this one, so you will have to put a lot of efforts, in case you want to watch all the updates.

+ 400 girls in model index with complete profiles

Only Silk And Satin could have been an example of how model profiles should be organized. This resource offers a model index with more than 400 alluring babes, in the age of 22-37 years, and looking hot. Each model profile has its own rating, comments (discussion on user forum) and stats for each model: not only they specify the rating, number of views and list of scenes for each girl, but also provide thorough information about the model’s personality: her preferences, origin, ethnicity, measurements, age, and other interesting facts.

+ Five optional / two guaranteed bonus sites

There are two types of membership on Only Silk And Satin. You can subscribe solely to this one site, and then you receive two network sites as a bonus: Only Melanie and Only Carla. These, however, have stopped updating in 2009, so you are pretty much limited to the Only Silk And Satin itself, and the outdated collection of Carla’s and Melanie’s scenes. However, if you choose to pay the full price (~$45 monthly) and join the whole Only All Sites network, you’ll get access to all 6 sites within it, of which at least four update daily, plus, there is some bonus content for loyal members (3 months or longer membership history).

– Odd design

Only Silk And Satin is good in every sense, but its design is not. Inconvenient navigation, forcing you to choose the month before you get access to the scenes, no filtering options, except for the Categories section, no sorting options and no tags for scenes make it rather uncomfortable to browse the content. Ratings are implemented, but comments are taken out of the scenes to the user forum discussions. You can add scenes to favorites, though. The page resembles the plain HTML websites of the past, with these small fonts for hyperlinks and stuff.

Expectations vs Reality

They post the essential numbers (number of models, photos and videos), on the landing page, and these are correct. You can also see some of the scene covers, before you enter the member zone. The claim about daily updates is suddenly true, which is most impressive. In general, you get more than you can expect after the free tour, except for the different design, which is not so convenient.

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