Men At Play Review

by: Usman Clark

Do you love athletic men who are dressed in fancy suits and ready to fulfill your deepest sexual fantasies? Today a site came to my review that really impresses with its approach to creating quality content. I was genuinely surprised and am ready to present my observations to you. Sit back and make yourself comfortable, we are off on a fascinating adventure in the world of gay porn.

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  • Site is updated regularly
  • High quality content offered
  • Well-chosen actors
  • Good ratio between newcomers and professional actors
  • Not all updates present new clips, there are compilations

Men at Play is a site where you can watch hot gay porn starring hot guys from all over Europe. Since 2006, we’ve been able to watch well-dressed men having sex to please themselves and their partners. Since its inception, the site has maintained a certain level of quality, which allows it to remain at the top of its category. Here is a well thought out storyline almost every video with couples, so we are waiting not only for quality sex, but good foreplay. Let’s explore in more detail.

What will you see on the site?

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. Even before registration, the main page was pleasantly pleased with good animation and thoughtful design. After registering you will be waiting for a nice site design and a very good interface.

In all the time I have used the site, I have not had any problems with the optimization or navigation of the site. The interface available isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it’s completely understandable and you’ll be able to start using the site almost immediately.

The main page will also have a large frame from the available video, but it’s worth noting that it’s not often that the bottom right corner will have information about the video from which the frame is taken, things like that always make me happy as a user.

Men At Play

What about the available content?

The main feature of our guest today was, and still is, handsome men dressed in nice suits. Naturally, because of this, you can find a lot of videos on the site, in which the bosses communicate with their subordinates in the office and not only. However, the locations for filming are not monotonous, you can see sex in hotel rooms, toilets, clubs and other places.

Among the presented videos there are mostly couples, but there are also quite a lot of masturbation scenes, there is also a threesome. The characters are pleasantly surprised with their trim bodies, neat hairstyles, some of them have beards and body hair. Separately, I would like to note the way the site owners approach the selection of actors.

You can meet both beginners and professionals in the world of gay porn. The actors’ pages have a lot of available information, and the episodes where this or that actor was starring are also marked.

How good are the videos?

At the time of writing the review, there were 1,123 videos available on the site, which you can watch in fairly good quality. As is often the case with older sites, newer videos will be available in 1920×1080 and lower resolution, and older videos can be viewed in 1280×720 and 854×480. There’s also a good selection of photos on the site, in fairly good quality. I haven’t noticed any problems when watching videos on a smartphone. In addition to the already available videos, there will also be some content from Raging Stallion waiting for you, you can see the entire list of bonus videos by going to the appropriate tab.

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Men at Play is a good site filled with really good content. I really enjoyed it while writing the review.

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