Mean Massage Review

by: Usman Clark

A bit of a cruel website, this one. Mean Massages focuses on femdom-crazed divas that stroke cocks and dominate the men that these dicks belong to. The nastiness of the massage session is really remarkable.

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  • Amazing women
  • Fresh twist on a hot genre
  • Only 4 new videos each month

Ruined Orgasms Galore

Even the most overused premise is going to feel fresh if you add some new ideas that give the plot a new and fresh dynamic. As MeanMassage came to realize, adding femdom to handjob porn is the best decision you can possibly make. The women are all heartless and ready to drain pathetic cocks and that’s what makes this so much fun to watch. We are pretty tired of the regular handjob porn and that’s the reason why spicing things up with female domination is the way to go. You should give this website a try too because it can help you reach the climax time and time again. Unlike those poor subs!

Anyways, there are many other things that make this website special, even aside from its core premise. The fact of the matter is that most of the mean scenes are simply incredible in their own right. They are endlessly rewatchable and it’s easy to get lost in them. Aside from the fact that every scene is a masterpiece, there’s also the fact that women really seem to relish in their domination. They get as cruel as humanly possible as if they had bottled some evil feelings towards the male participants. The women are going wild as they stroke dicks and ruin orgasms.

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150+ Videos to Spotlight Female Supremacy

There are over 150 full-length movies for you to watch and download. These handjobs are going great, so there are close to 130 high-res images in every gallery. The pictures give you a different perspective on the stroking and domination. On average, you get close to four different movies released every month. This update schedule is not the most impressive we have ever seen, but it’s decent enough.

Speaking of decent: the navigation is good. The stuff is not that complex and you can quickly find the content you need and download it in the highest quality possible. By the way, the newer videos are all available in 4k Ultra-HD. The design can be described as minimalist since there are not too many flashy elements.

Mean Bitches Draining Balls Big Time

Mean Bitches Draining Balls Big Time

The roster is fucking stacked! You get some of the established talent and some newcomers that are only just getting started. There are many popular women, many hidden gems, and many chicks that you didn’t even know had it in them. For instance, the ever-seductive Dana Wolf. Her scene features her dominating a dick that is ready to explode at any second. Dana is merciless and doesn’t grant mercy to the oversexed guy. Or does she? You’ll have to see the unmissable video in order to find out!

Lexi Luna is yet another standout because she’s so mean. So incredibly mean! The faces she makes while stroking her subject’s stiffie are incredible because her disdain is palpable.

Mean Massages focuses on femdom-crazed divas

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