Mall Cuties Review

by: Usman Clark

Mall Cuties is a very small original porn site devoted to amateur girls and street pick ups. The idea of the site implies that the beautiful chicks get hooked up at the mall, offered some cash or help and driven into a fitting room for blowjob and sex. The HD videos and some screen caps, offered instead of photos look good, though the porn site doesn’t have enough scenes yet.

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The concept of the porn site is quite clear: it offers some reality porn, exposing amateur girls from Czech Republic, hooked up in the streets and fucked. It’s not very original, but the content here is unique, and it’s good. Apparently, you shouldn’t expect high quality from the handcam, used to film the POV porn scenes; however, they offer at least HD videos on their pages. The category here is Reality / POV, and I’m pretty sure that you know what I’m talking about.


There are only a few dozens of scenes, exposed on Mall Cuties yet. It’s unclear how often does the porn site update. What we have here are typical reality porn scenes, exposing the casual girls picked up at the mall or in the street, being offered cash and fucked. These women are from Czech Republic, and all the action takes place there. Some of them are beautiful, some are average. The specter of sexual actions is pretty much limited to blowjob, pussy fucking and facials.

Scene format

Typical scene lasts for 25-45 minutes, and a big part of it is devoted to talking and setting up. Finding a suitable girl takes several minutes, talking her into sex can take longer; getting into the fitting room or apartments with this slut also consumes the playtime. The action usually starts closer to the second half of the video. We get a nice POV blowjob, finger some amateur pussy and screw it. In the end, a cute face of an inexperienced girl gets covered with jizz, making her blink and lean back, trying to avoid the nasty facial cumshot.

+ Exclusive and original content

It’s obvious that Mall Cuties creates all the videos on its own. Stalking real girls at the mall and convincing them to fuck is a great show, really. You won’t find these videos anywhere else but on this site, which is a strong reason to join it, in case you like such kind of stuff.

+ Relatively good quality (some HD videos)

Videos on Mall Cuties are provided in 720p HD quality with a fair bitrate of 5,800+ kbps. The frame rate is rather high, too: 25 frames per second. Of course, you shouldn’t expect perfect camera work from the amateur porn site, exposing reality videos. Nevertheless, the foreshortening (usually it’s POV), lighting and specter of actions is nice, at least for such type of content. Photos (screenshots) have the same 1280×720 resolution as videos. Unfortunately, there are no other formats, available for streaming or downloading. Zipped photo archives are not available yet.

– Very small set of scenes

Yet, Mall Cuties can offer you not more than 21 video and 17 photo galleries (which are screenshots from the videos, so they are not very unique). The average playtime of the video is pretty good: approximately 30 minutes, though there are longer (up to 45 minute long) videos. Screenshot galleries have from 60 to 140 photos each with an average of 100. It’s not just a small collection, it’s tiny. The amount of content has increased by 12 videos during the last year, so we shouldn’t expect any significant growth of the collection shortly.

– Rare updates with uncertain schedule

There is no update schedule that Mall Cuties would offer, and there are no even date stamps on its scenes, so it’s really hard to determine, how often they add the new scenes. However, judging by the number of scenes added since our last visit, a year ago, the approximate updating rate is close to just one new scene every month. This way, the porn site won’t grow anywhere large and attractive within the few next years: they definitely have to improve the frequency of updating, or at least add a good portion of bonus content.

– Primitive design

It would be unjust to say that the design of Mall Cuties is inconvenient or repelling. It’s just very simple and primitive: while they have just 20-30 scenes, it works fine without all the filters, categories, sorting options and stuff. If it is ever to grow at least 100+ scenes large, they’ll have to redesign the porn site so the navigation stays quick and convenient. On the other hand, the functionality of the site is very low: there are no favorites, comments, ratings or other features implemented here. You cannot adjust the quality of playback: there is only one format for both videos and photos. Apparently, there is no access to the site’s community.

– 19 models without profiles

Model index consists of 19 Czech girls, in the age of 18 – 35 years. Many of them are cute, but some are not. There are no filters or sorting options in model index, and no need in such tools yet. However, they do not offer any information about their models (they could at least describe the girls and write some kind of story about how they met them). Even though this is reality amateur porn site, and these girls are no professional models, it would be nice to see anything but the list of videos inside the model profile.

– No network / bonus sites

As simple and final as it is. Mall Cuties is a very small standalone porn site, and it doesn’t offer any extras: no network sites, no bonus content, no interviews / bts / whatever. They don’t even have blog or twitter, or news feed. Once you download all the scenes from this porn site (it shall take you less than one day), there is nothing else to see here.

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