Magma film Review

by: Usman Clark

German babes do it all right in bed, German porn producers make it all look good on screen – and we get to enjoy the results of their joint efforts on the pages of Magma Film. This site claims itself to feature the hottest German girls and show them in the hottest action. Well, let’s go see if that’s true or not!

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German porn

There are lots of people who think that German porn is the best and that Germany is actually the cradle of adult entertainment industry. Well, I don’t know if the latter is right or wrong but, looking at Magma Film, I feel like I’m about to agree with the former statement. Damn this site’s stuff is hot! Lots of hard fucking with really hot chicks, exactly the stuff you expect to see from hardcore models like Mia Magma, Maria Mia, Bonnie Rotten… Wait, what? Uh-oh, looks like this site is not really as German as it claims itself to be. It promises to show you ‘The Best German Superstars of Porn’ but some of its main pets including Bonnie Rotten, Christy Mack, Kortney Kane are actually American. Well, let’s not blame them for it, I guess… Oh, by the way, what you sure need to know about this resource is the fact that quite some of its genuine German stars are actually really mature. Lexa Velvet, Pretty Cat, Pornbabe Tyra… All of these honeys are in their thirties already. On the other hand, these are some tight-bodied freshies as well, so don’t think of Magma Film as a predominantly MILF porn site – it has got a little bit of everything.

Not big

So, you don’t even have to go inside the Members area in order to see the size of this site’s content collection. The number of scenes as well as the number of models and total duration of their flicks is mentioned right on the front page – in the top left corner. Right now there are 295 movies by 278 models offered. At least, this is what the counter says – I decided to take the responsibility and count the scenes myself but the navigation interface is so messed up it turns out to be almost impossible to do. Okay, it looks like there are 148 DVDs with the total of 537 full-time movies here – but these come from both Magma Film and partner sites combined. Damn, it’s all so complicated in here! Anyway, that’s a lot of content. What bothers me though is the regularity of updates – sometimes there will be several scenes published on one and the same day here but sometimes you will have to wait for up to 2 weeks or even more until something new pops up. Of course, those incredibly hot 1080p videos with the bitrate of up to 6150Kbps are all worth waiting for but… I sure hope the members’ dry spells caused by such long waiting will get shorter ASAP.

Discounts and bonuses

Magma Film is definitely not a cheap one. A month spent in its tight perverted embrace will cost you $34.95 (14,47 – our special price). If you want to go for the quarterly or even the yearly subscription, the price will go up as high as $69.95 and $134.95 respectively. Wondering if long-term subscriptions are actually worth it? Well, I’d say they are. I mean, come on, there are 537 full-time flicks here provided by 13 different websites – all coming from different studios and focusing on different kinds of action but all doing their stuff the rough and kinky German way. Ain’t that something? If you are into German porn, this is an offer you totally can’t miss. There will be enough content to keep you busy for at least a few months and then you can keep on enjoying the irregular though nice-sized updates while also returning to your all-time favorites during the waiting times. Not too bad, I’d say!

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