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Lesbian Ass Worship is one of the few pornsites produced by Porno Dinero studio, and it is completely devoted to girl-on-girl Rimming. Its collection is full of short, 4-6 minute long porn videos, where you can see the thorough and neat asshole licking. Large collection and regular updates definitely add to the site’s pluses.

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Lesbian Ass Worship Full review

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Concept of Lesbian Ass Worship is pretty simple: despite what the title says, its devoted to Rimming, not Worship in general. Ass licking is the action that you’ll see in every porn video on this site, and it is only performed by girls: there are simply no men on this website. Probably, this can be called the Lesbian Ass Worship, though it doesn’t seem to me that the site’s title is 100% relevant to its content; it’s just not very accurate.


Content on Lesbian Ass Worship is available in form of short, though intense ass-licking scenes. There are always girl-on-girl positions, whether it’s doggy style ass licking or missionary position rimming; there is no masturbation or sex toys involved in the process. The videos are short and do not contain any diversity of actions or settings: just plain rimming scenes with close-up foreshortening.

Scene format

Scene format implies nothing but thorough rimming exposition. Close-up porn videos expose one girl spreading her buttocks and letting the other girl thoroughly polish her asshole with tongue. The scene playtime never exceeds 10 minutes, and you can say that they are quite monotonous. There are no other actions except for ass licking, exposed in the videos on Lesbian Ass Worship. Photo sets, however, have some solo softcore sets, exposing naked beauties in various positions.

+ Good amount of videos

Lesbian Ass Worship offers a significant number of videos on its pages. Total amount of scenes at the moment exceeds 1136 ea, plus there are 4 (four!) photo sets in the according section. Though average playtime is not very impressive (just 5-6 minutes or so, with rare porn videos exceeding 9 minutes of length), the overall size of the collection is quite enough to entertain you for months.

+ Fair HD video quality

The videos can be downloaded as HD mp4 files, with maximum bitrate exceeding 6,000 kbps, which is pretty fine for true HD video. You can stream the videos online, choosing between mobile flash format (~1,300 kbps) and the original mp4 HD format. Photos have original resolution of 3000×2000 pixels, and can be downloaded one by one, but not within zip archives. Since there are only 5-7 photos in the four photo sets, it shouldn’t be so much of a problem.

+ Regular and frequent updates

The update schedule would have been unclear from the information, located on the site. There is no update plan or any other schedule clearly exposed there, and there are no date stamps on the scenes. However, you can rely on the site’s promise, indicating that they add the new scene every other day, which is 3-4 updates per week. Though the videos are not very large, they are original, and it means a lot.

+ Convenient and functional design

Though the design of Lesbian Ass Worship does not belong to heights of fashion, it definitely does its job. Drop down menus allows one-click ordering of Videos / Photos by date, rating, popularity, or playtime. Tags and categories are specified for each scene, which allows filtering the similar scenes in one click. Member interface supports comments, ratings and Favorites. The thumbnails could’ve been larger and have better quality, though.

– Specific niche and monotonous content

Probably, it wouldn’t have been such a big minus, but the content on Lesbian Ass Worship is reduced to just ass licking, which becomes excessively monotonous in these short scenes. Along with the absence of network sites or bonus content, it may be a real problem, not to think about the relatively specific niche, with is of a rather rare Fetish type.

– Poor model index and profiles

Model index has just one filtering (alphabetic) and no sorting options. Model profiles do not contain any information about the model (except for obvious name, hair color and ethnicity). Plus, you get a list of scenes. To earn high mark for model index, this website has to implement model ratings and favorites, probably contacts, plus provide more detailed description (measurements, stats, biography) for each model.

– No network / bonus sites

The only bonus that Lesbian Ass Worship is ready to offer within the membership, is the four DVD with average amount of scenes, relevant to the site’s niche. Thus, the content becomes rather monotonous, and no bonus content (or any network sites) is there to diversify your user experience.

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