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Les Archive archives the hottest lesbian movies with your favorite pornstars. It is a diverse collection of kinky content that can get anyone off. With exciting clips and frequent updates, this site is a good choice for all lez porn fans.

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A True Lesbian Paradise

There is something pretty difficult about creating a solid lesbian porn site. Since the subject matter is so hot from every angle, it is easy to get lost. It is easy to underdeliver. Hell, if there are two lezzies just going at it and you simply point a camera at them, it is going to be really hot. It is going to be simply amazing. That is why so many sites don’t put that much effort – the product is going to be really hot at worst. Other sites really do a great job of establishing certain themes and things that transform a run-of-the-mill pornographic clip into something more. One such website is Les Archive. It is one of the hottest lesbian sites you could find today. The girls are amazingly hot. All of them… but more on that later.

The first thing that draws you in is passion. These lezzies are crazy about one another. They look passionate and there is something really appealing about the way they interact with each other. Each and every sex scene is a masterpiece because it shows you just how passionate they are. The stories of their lives also give you a reason to be interested – some videos provide you with all the context you need and that is pretty damn awesome overall. The loving that these women enjoy can be very varied. Some scenes show toy play, others are all about breast worship, nipple sucking, whatever. There really is something for everyone when it comes to these scenes. You cannot deny that the hotness of the action and its variety are two of the biggest contributing factors to this website’s success. They are at the top of their game and one cannot argue with the results. By the way, additional upsides include the size of this site’s library, consistent HD, and many other things that you should not take for granted. They really are awesome and you are going to fall in love with them when you really see what this lesbo site has to offer.

Great Collection to Check Out

As of right now, there are over 170 full-length lesbian releases for you to check out. New videos are being added every week, but there’s a catch. The content is being roasted and you get to revisit scenes that were shot way back in 2013 or something. That might disappoint people that have been closely following lesbian scene for over 10 years now. Others will love a dash of retro hotness. Anyway, the videos are mostly perfect in terms of quality. Their runtime varies a lot. There are also over 250k lesbian photos presented on the website.

Design-wise, this site has a great design that is both uncluttered and pretty. It is very simple but we love everything about it. Also, the navigation is pretty damn easy. Also, we love the fact there is information regarding where the scenes were shot. Kind of adds to the story that is being created with each of the lesbian porno videos.

The hottest lesbian movies with your favorite pornstars

Hot Lezzzies Doing Hot Things on Camera

As always, the biggest selling point of any pornographic website should be the women involved. When it comes to Les Arachive, there are many, MANY exciting women to choose from. On average, these chicks are very appealing, but some manage to stand out even from such an incredible company.

The first girl that we want to mention is Blue Angel, the famous Hungarian hottie. She got to get it on with Adriana and it was amazing. It really was. If you want to talk duos, you cannot do much better than Lina Napoli and Cayenne Klein. It is somewhat difficult to believe that they aren’t actually dating in real life.

The last girl that we are going to bring up is Paula Shy. The Czech stunner always puts in great work, but her girl-on-girl scene with Ennie really solidifies her status as one of the best sex havers on this website. The fact that it is not only just a fuck scene makes it all the better. Each and every bit of her lesbian scene is epic in its own way. We bet you that she also masturbates to it from time to time.

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