Japanese cosplay Review

by: Usman Clark

Little Japanese girls dressed up in the outfits of manga and anime babes never fail to get you horny as hell? Then J Cosplay is for you as this is the resource where you will see all these cuties doing something bigger than just posing on cam. Here you will see them getting fucked raw!

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Japanese cosplay Full review

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About site

Cosplay is a fun thing – and a sexy one as well! Looking at all those tiny Japanese cuties putting on the crazy revealing outfits of female superheroes, catgirls and simple sexy schoolgirls from anime and manga never fails to get me horny. Imagine how glad I was to run into J Cosplay – the resource that is fully dedicated to fucking Japanese teens dressed up in the most elaborate outfits one can imagine? No bullshit – they really do fuck without even taking their costumes off!

Free tour

J Cosplay has also got that special touch of Japanese perversion on it – the dressed up cuties exposed on its pages never seem to get away with some plain fucking. What I can tell after going through the free tour pages is the following: they often get those creamy bukkake facials, they often get treated with the most perverted sex toys like all them humongous vibrators and stuff, they get rough fucking… Well, looks like I can go for eternity here! However, this is something that I’m not really eager to do as the girls of J Cosplay look a little bit too tempting for me to stay on the outside of this one for any longer. Here I’m coming in!

Amount of Content

I wouldn’t say that the collection of J Cosplay is really huge or something – but it’s still pretty good for its niche, no doubt. 53 scenes of explicit cosplay sex… That’s surely going to keep you busy for some time. However, I also noticed that there are plain uniformed chicks inside the archive of this one too. I don’t know if I can regard sex with maids, nurses and stuff like that as cosplay porn – it’s more of roleplay, right? What do you think? Well, one way or another, the costumes of anime characters are still more widespread here, which rocks. 🙂

Content Quality

And another little question… If J Cosplay is so fresh, which I can conclude after taking a look at the list of updates on its pages, why the hell is its content not really qualitative? The 832x480Px screencaps are not even full-size photos and the vids with the frame size of 832x480Px and the bitrate of 2000Kbps also leave much to be desired. Does it mean that the content at J Cosplay is not exclusive? On the other hand, say, have you ever seen a Japanese porn site offering crystal-clear HD content? If yes, then you are damn lucky cause I have to admit that I don’t see them too often even though I get to review porn resources every single day. Low quality of content seems to be a tendency at those coming from the Land of the Rising Sun, unfortunately.


The funny thing about J Cosplay is that the updates here are actually released very very often. It’s a part of a huge network that I will tell you about a little bit later – the network that gets updated with loads of content every single day and the point is that J Cosplay is almost always there on the list of updates! Hmm, then it means that it’s anything but old cause with 1 or even more scenes being added into its archive almost daily, it wouldn’t take it long to grow into what it is now.


Okay, now let’s quit on the bad stuff and switch on to something much more pleasant – the bonuses. The network of J Cosplay comprises 17 sources, all dedicated to no one but Japanese girls – and you will get access to all of them the very moment you sign up or J Cosplay! 17 NICHED sites at the prices of one… This is a great offer, believe me. They contain the total of well over 6,100 full-time videos – looks rather impressing, eh? 😉


I would say that J Cosplay was pretty cool even without those bonuses and stuff. However, the presence of a good network is something that surely doesn’t make things any worse here. This stuff is surely worth the membership fee and much much more, perhaps.

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