Homegrown GFs Review

by: Usman Clark

What Homegrown GFs promises to give to you is a decent selection of homemade porn featuring real girls-next-door – the type that were careless enough to do it on camera and are now exposed all over the Net! Well, I have seen quite a lot of resources making the same attempt – let’s see how this one is managing it.

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Homegrown GFs Full review

Site url: http://www.homegrowngfs.com/ Click here to visit

  • + huge content collection
  • + decent user feedback/message board system
  • - seems to be identical to another site
  • - terrible navigation
  • - lots of broken links
  • - low content quality
  • - no update dates
  • - large video file size making downloading stuff difficult
  • - non-exclusive content
  • - many scenes are not homemade

About site

And here we run into yet another GF porn site – this time, hopefully, into one offering exclusive content that really is homemade. Its name is Homegrown GFs and it’s a part of the famous Homegrown Video – one of the oldest players in the amateur biz. Frankly speaking, I don’t know what the difference between homemade porn and GF porn is but… Hopefully, today’s site under review will enlighten me. Let’s give it a try!

Free tour

The biggest problem of this site’s free tour is that it barely gives you a chance to try its content – there’s not even a single trailer video available here. On the other hand, the pics/thumbnails are there and they seem legit. I really like the header of the front page too – those sexy coeds that have their faces covered with jism look amazing. But, generally, the free tour of this resource is not much fun, so… Let’s proceed into the Members area.

Amount of Content

Okay, so I’m in and it still doesn’t make any sense. What I see right now is what I would have seen after entering absolutely any site belonging to Homemade Video network – loads of questionably homemade and not-so-amateur porn. I can’t quite categorize it to get relevant content as I did at those other sites – simply because there is no category like “GF” or something like that. Would “Amateur couples” work? But hey, what about the solos? Looks like I will have to say that this site contains 4,548 videos and 655 pic scenes and its absolutely identical to its network site. Hence, it’s non-exclusive.

Content Quality

This resource, just as most other homemade porn suppliers, is far from what I perceive as a top-quality porn site. The highest video quality I have found here so far totals 940x540Px at 4870Kbps, which sounds pretty good, I bet. However, when I was done downloading this huge- ass 1,7Gb motherfucker, I found out that it was as bad as a vintage porn tape gone digital. Now that surely wasn’t worth all the waiting. The same with the pics, which are actually vidcaps. Nominally, they have the size of 1600x1199Px, which is quite cool – but they look terrible.


Unfortunately, the regularity of updates at this site is something that I can hardly shed any light on. Each video gallery that I open seems to have the same shit written under “Added:”, which is supposed to be the date, I think. “Added: 0000-00-00 00:00:00 by Anonymous”. Yeah, thanks…


The only bonus that I can see here so far is that pretty busy community hub – the place where amateur porn lovers signing up for homegrowngfs.com and all other sites affiliated with it ask questions, share opinions and stuff like that. Hey, it really feels that I get something wrong because there are no outrageous comments of disappointed members and stuff. Everyone seems to be pretty happy with what they got for their money. Plus, there is also that Series section, which is supposed to give you access to quite a few porn DVDs by this studios but… Guess what? All the links are broken. Jeez, I’m starting to get used to it here.


I think I have already put it quite clearly what disappoints me the most about this resource. Yes, that’s right – it is the mixture of non-exclusive content and the hardly working navigation system. Everything is a bit too complicated here and there are way too many broken links inside the Members area, so… I’m anything but satisfied with my surfing experience here.


If someone tells me the difference between this site and its main network resource and shows me how to separate GF content from all other content niches here, then I will probably change my attitude towards the whole thing. Now, frankly speaking, I feel a little bit pissed off. No, I can hardly recommend this GF porn collection to anyone – all due to the fact that it seems to be non- exclusive and terribly disorganized. That’s bad, for sure.

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