Heavy On Hotties Review

by: Usman Clark

Fat guy with a terrible attitude gets to screw a bunch of genuinely attractive women in an ever-growing collection of old and young porn. There are a few MILF scenes featured here, but it’s mostly a teen porn site.

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Heavy On Hotties Full review

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  • Hot amateurs and pornstars
  • Good quality
  • Many fetishes covered
  • No bonuses
  • Possible content rotation

Beauties Fuck a Disgusting Creep

Heavy on Hotties is a site that provides some really good adult content, and no other site out there offers a wider selection of models that are actually willing to fuck someone as repulsive as the titular “Heavy.” Sure, you could always go to some other site and watch ripped dudes pound pussy in a passionless way, but they won’t be able to explore fetishes in the same way Heavy does. What’s the fun in watching porn that is equal parts repulsive and sexy? The XXX library here explores a great deal of fetishes and is VERY polarizing.

Shocking Porn Movies to be Played in HD

The scenes can be enjoyed in high definition and there’s not a download limit. You can freely download the scenes and enjoy them in HD from your hard drive. That way, they will look even better. Obviously. What’s also really great in terms of quality is that the pics look super-hot in resolutions up to 2000×3000.

Great Selection of Old vs Young Fucking

There are over 570 scenes to be enjoyed right away. Each scene has a runtime of at least 25 minutes, so you get over 230 hours’ worth of adult entertainment the second you sign up. You are guaranteed to enjoy the in-depth exploration of “the ultimate taboo” and all the hardcore fuckery in HD quality. It’s great.

Decent Update Schedule?

This past month, there were four brand-new scenes released. Weekly updates are nothing to scoff at when taking into consideration just how hard they have to work in order to provide you with this level of quality, hotness, and grossness. Being able to enjoy new scenes every week is a great gift. You even get to see their updates schedule and kind of get an idea of what’s coming next and when exactly. Gotta appreciate that!

p.s. However, according to users, some of the new scenes are not new. Content rotation possible!!

Great Design and Simple Navigation

It’s not the most well-designed site in the world but it’s pretty good overall. We came here to see passionate loving with horny women anyway, not some stupid nonsense that relates mostly to design elements. Navigating this collection is pretty simple as well. Very straightforward, very basic stuff.

Good Pick for People That Love Unscripted Sex

As a self-proclaimed fan of fetish pornography, you have to understand that there really isn’t much out there in the entire world of X-rated content as pleasing as Heavy on Hotties. You get an unbelievable amount of the hottest women out there exploring their filthiest fetishes while fucking a disgusting-looking older dude (which is a fetish in and of itself). To be honest, there’s not many more choices when it comes to multi-fetish pornography as you can find on other paysites, so that makes it even easier to recommend Heavy on Hotties.

Total Lack of Bonuses

We know that this is going to disappoint some of our readers, but that’s how it is when it comes to this site. You don’t get to see much in terms of bonus content. There are no additional scenes, no teasers from affiliated sites, no nothing. All you get is a model index that rarely provides any interesting info on the ladies.

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