Girl Next Door Game Review

by: Usman Clark

Girl Next Door is a game that will help you fulfill some of the wildest fantasies. It is an immersive experience that people will really appreciate… especially since it’s fully compatible with all VR devices.

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Girl Next Door Game Full review

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  • Different scenarios
  • Varied gameplay
  • Hot characters
  • Cliched plot and characters

Immersive Type of Action

People tend to underrate porn games. Gamers think that they are way too basic to be entertaining. Non-gamers think that they are way too hard to be entertaining. Everyone just opts for porn movies instead and that is not okay. That is not okay at all. You can watch porn all day and still enjoy the best porn gaming experiences that the web has to offer. Speaking of which… How about Girl Next Door? It is a very interesting porn sim that will surely whet your appetite. If you don’t get what we’re talking about, don’t worry about it. This is the type of game that everyone can play and ours is the type of review that everyone can read. Please continue to find out what this exciting erotic title is all about.

So, as the name would imply, the setting is an idyllic neighborhood of Anytown, USA. The protagonist is a relative newcomer who now has to navigate the town and learn about its dark, sexy secrets. You are going to enjoy hot action in a variety of scenarios, most are rather common for hardcore pornography. There will be plumbers, gardeners, whatever. You will not only get to see all the porn cliches, but you will also get to LIVE them. The action is very varied and immersive since it’s a visual novel/sex sim hybrid that really takes time to give you all you want and make sure that you can get what you want. The gameplay mechanics are simple and you are going to feel like you are there. You might not know a whole lot about sex sims before jumping in, but this game is a great starting point for each and every single person with even the tiniest bit of interest in this type of action.

You Will Love This World of Porn

The game is fully compatible with Windows, HTC Vive, and Oculus. You do not have to have the latest hardware in order to run it at its max resolution, but do know that it is definitely a demanding game if you decide to use VR as well. You get to enjoy 5 stories in visual novel format with great dialogue and engaging sex scenes. You also get full support for free as well as updates.

The design of the website is kind of ugly, but there is an upside to it… You will not have to spend very much time on it and you will get straight to the action. Once you find the Download web page, it will be smooth sailing for you.

A game that will help you fulfill some of the wildest fantasies

Girls Next Door are DASHING

You get to choose from several different women that might live next door. There are several options that are sure to awaken something in you. They might harken back to the most basic porn fantasies, but that does not matter that the models are bad. Our favorite is the real estate agent. The brunette looks incredible in her stockings and has some of the most realistic animations.

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