Frat X Review

by: Usman Clark

Be honest, would you like to watch a few young guys having sex? I think there are quite a few like you. Considering the fact that I’ve got a really exclusive content site coming up for review today, there’s a lot to look forward to. Sit back as we embark on a fascinating adventure into the world of gay group porn.

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Frat X is a site that is more than 10 years old and in all that time it has gained quite a lot of popularity around the world. The site specializes in gay group porn, rumored to be made by students in one of the dorms at some Arizona university. Even if that’s not true, the content on the site is filmed very naturally and even a sophisticated viewer will be pleasantly surprised, as this group sex really excites. You will be able to see how young beautiful guys in quite ordinary situations manage to find their own kind and have a fun group sex.

Is the site enjoyable?

As soon as I went to the website page I immediately experienced some disappointment. You’re not going to see the best interface and design. On the one hand this should be justified, since the site does not provide a professional approach, but on the other hand modern programs can do everything a little better.

Despite some nuances, the interface of the site allows you to find the desired section almost immediately. However, I lack filters to search for a particular video.

Frat X

Suggested content

However, after researching the site, I moved on to the video content and it was a very strong contrast. The videos pleasantly pleased me first of all with the variety in the subject matter. For example, a couple of young people start having sex, and a little later their friends join them. In another scene you can see how a casual touch awakens passion and a few guys in the kitchen start their party.

Naturally, no information on the actors will be available to you, but I can say with certainty that bisexuals and straights who want to try something new take part in group sex.

Video Quality

At the time of writing the review the potential viewer had 349 videos available which were played in good quality (1920×1080), but 4K fans will be dissatisfied. All of the videos I watched played back on my smartphone without much of a problem. There is also a small selection of photos for each episode, also taken in amateur quality.

Frat X scene


Frat X is a site that gives a rather ambiguous impression, primarily because of the poor quality and amateur filming. However, you do get some really group sex, during which all sorts of things happen. I would add this site to my collection.

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