Fantasy HD Review

Doing plain hardcore porn is boring – that’s exactly why Fantasy HD is out there with its super-good Full HD flicks featuring the hottest models currently in the biz! And here I actually mean it – these girls could have been strolling along catwalks on top fashion shows but they are here fucking on camera instead. Love it!

  • Year $119.40 recurring ()
  • 3 month $59.37 recurring ()
  • Trial $1.00 recurring (1 day)
  • Monthly $29.95 recurring ()

Fantasy HD Full review

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  • - exclusive content
  • - hot cast and action
  • - outstanding video quality
  • - the site is very easy to navigate
  • - relatively small content collection
  • - no free bonus content
  • - no updates

Updated info about 2020

  • Regular hardcore content site with the best hot porn chicks
  • The site has not been updated since 2018
  • The total number of scenes – about 160 (videos – download and stream)
  • There is access to bonus sites for an additional fee

Hardcore in HD

Fantasy HD is a site that is definitely not that easy to describe from the start. From the first sight it appears to be just another hardcore porn site but… It becomes more and more fascinating as you scrutinize it closer. Yeah, it’s good old hardcore sex – but the point is that here it’s filmed on unbelievably good HD video, features the hottest girls you can think of (August Ames, Dillion Harper and Lola Reve being just a few examples of the girls you can expect to see here) and is overall amazing. It’s like a bunch of Hollywood films gone dirty – the quality and the studio work are absolutely matchless. Well, I guess it would work best if you just took a quick look at the trailer content there – you can view up to five 1-minute teaser clips every day there. But watch out – this stuff is so hot you’re more likely to start craving to join this site than not. I, at least, can’t resist its sexy magic, so I’m logging right in right now.


Hmm, here comes the first disappointment of the day. No, I’m still totally in love with the content from Fantasy HD but, damn, I sure thought this site would be a tad bit larger. All you can enjoy there right now are 122 scenes by 86 girls. And even though each and every movie offered here is a fucking XXX masterpiece worth seeing and all of the girls are mouthwatering, I still don’t think that this collection of porn will keep you going for too long. What is even more surprising is the fact that this site is not actually new – it’s been around for more than 2 years already, so one would naturally expect it to be fairly nice-sized by now. However, with new updates released there every 10 days, it’s definitely not developing at a pace as fast as we’d prefer. Well, apparently, this is how long it takes them to create those crystal-clear 1080p HD videos of theirs. The pics are also very good here, so don’t let their relatively modest resolution of 1500x1000Px fool you – they look awesome too.

Final words

Okay, now on to the bonuses or, to be more precise, to the lack thereof. You won’t get any extras included into the original membership package costing $29.95 a month, $59.37 for 3 months or $119.40 for a full year. If you want more stuff, you will have to pay more. However, this is one of those rare cases when it could actually be worth it. If you want to have access to the network of 7 sites that belongs to, you will be charged $70 extra. Fortunately, it’s a one-time payment, which, nevertheless, doesn’t spare you from your membership plan payments at the reviewed site itself – you will still be paying whatever your monthly rate is there. In exchange for that you will get 1,100+ scenes, some of which are actually even better than HD – they are that almost legendary 4K stuff that everyone says will be the shit in the nearest future. Well, their frame size of 4096x2160Px and the bitrate of 15200Kbps sure look impressing. Is it all worth the extra $70? I’d say yes. Is Fantasy HD worth it on its own? Yeah, I guess too – but for a month tops. After that you will clearly run out of stuff to watch and it will get boring.

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