Face Down Ass Up Review

by: Usman Clark

Do you like hard sex? A thick dick that goes into a tight hole and starts pounding hard. What if another dick comes from the front and jams into your mouth? Today we’re going to dive into the world of some pretty hardcore group porn, which, however, may not be to everyone’s liking. Sit back as we embark on an exciting adventure into the world of group porn.

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Face Down Ass Up Full review

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  • Updated story idea
  • Original shooting
  • Streaming only
  • No photos

Face Down Ass Up is a site that will allow the potential viewer to enjoy group porn that is filmed as if in “real life”. The plot is not new at all and revolves around a guy who is in a difficult situation and needs money. He is taken to some abandoned place or an apartment, where he gets fucked by a bunch of guys. The locations are special, they are usually quite gloomy, and the very sparse lighting only enhances this effect. I’m sure there are connoisseurs of such videos, so let’s deal with it in more detail.

Is the site pleasing?

The resource that came to us today for review does not disgust you with its appearance, but I can not call it something exceptional.

The simple design, which is already very outdated, and the lack of a thoughtful interface do not add points to the site. It took me a little time to figure out the tabs, but the interface is questionable. Nevertheless I did not notice any bugs.

Face Down Ass Up


It is worth mentioning that despite the original idea the commercials are staged, because you can see both amateurs and famous actors.

In most cases, all the action unfolds around a guy who has been seduced by the days. He takes turns taking cocks, sometimes with his hands and mouth with the other guys. The rest of the contestants don’t take much of a stand, the sex is pretty hard and everyone cums as they want. While the other guys are waiting for their turn, they chat and can masturbate.

Quality of content

At the time of writing the review you will be able to access 110+ videos, but you can not watch them in your favorite quality because the creators of the video decided to make everything by canon. That’s why the only available resolution is 450×260. Also I would note the absence of photos and the possibility to download the video.

On the plus side it is worth noting the format of the shooting. All the action, shot as if by an amateur and on an amateur camera, but in the end, the resolution while viewing is quite good. I was also able to view the clips on my smartphone.

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Face Down Ass Up is a site that would be suitable for fans of this type of video format. Anyway, I would check it out again, especially when there are more clips.

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