Evolved Fights Review

by: Usman Clark

What happens if you combine a fight and sex? These two activities have a lot in common – sweaty bodies, a lot of naked, sometimes sharp and sometimes monotonous movements. But in sex there are usually 2 winners and one in a fight. On this site you will see a mixture of fighting and fucking – first the couple fights and then fucks.

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Evolved Fights Full review

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  • Good quality
  • Weekly updates
  • No bonuses
  • Monotony

What is the best way to improve fights

Why are fights improved? Wrestling is not just a sport, it’s more like a show, a show where people watch how men beat each other, they do not beat at full strength, but to make it interesting – let’s replace one man with a beautiful woman – is it more interesting? Let’s improve it again – strip to the goal… ok – that’s much better. And the last improvement – let them not just fight and fuck) Now that I understand – improved battles.

Facts about this site

Inside the paid part, we are waiting for videos and photos of naked models fighting in the ring with fuck. The leading referee starts the fight – and the fight begins – grab, blowjob, cunnilingus, toss and dick in the pussy, and now the rider jumped on the dick from above. Everything seems to be real, but you understand that this show is very original. Video 40-45 minutes, there is a set of photos 100-150 per set. The number of episodes at the time of the review is 144. Site updates are regular once a week or more often. The quality of photos and videos is high – up to 1080p. For some reason, the model section was not divided into male and female.

Appearance and convenience

There are no questions on the interface – watching videos in different qualities, a download link, there are additional functions in the form of an error report, favorites and comments. 5 star voting, links to model profiles and a brief description. There are no tags since the plots are about the same – fucking and fighting. There are enough lists with episodes – recent, popular, viewed and some others.

Unusual categories

In addition to the division into photos, views and models in the main menu, categories are available that you will not find on a regular porn site:

  • Winner fucks loser
  • Woman wins
  • MMA Fighters
  • Leg scissor squeeze
  • Reverse head scissors


There is a blog where backstage and shooting details are described, the site does not give bonuses, and is not included in the network. The main drawback of the site is monotony and monotony, so staying here for a long time does not work without additional content.

Discounts and prices of Evolved Fights

  • $ 29.95 – 1 Month Membership Recurring membership
  • $ 23.30 / mo – 3 Month Membership
  • $ 12.49 / mo BEST DEAL 1 Year Only Recurring membership at $ 149.95 every year
  • it is possible to buy a video separately $ 14.99 – $ 19.99 on the basis of VOD
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