Elegant Anal Review

Elegant Anal is the site where elegance and anal go hand in hand. One of the biggest question marks coming into this review is… will you be able to handle the hotness that this Babes Network site has to offer? We do our best to examine all the pros, cons, and other things that make this buttfuck-themed resource stand out.

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Elegant Anal Full review

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  • + Hardcore anal in Ultra-HD
  • + Anal’s great
  • + Best pornstars featured in truly arousing anal vids
  • + Variety
  • + Bonus sites
  • + Live feeds, special discounts
  • - No new updates in over a year
  • - Library is not that big to begin with

Elegant Anal: First Impressions

As far as design elements go, you will be sorely disappointed: EA looks exactly like any other site from the infamous Babes network. It looks as if they were never planning to do something special with any of their sites, design-wise… which is perfectly fine. Once you move past your initial disappointment, you will be able to appreciate the simplicity of it all. On some level.

Now, as far as the freebies go, there’s not too much to take into consideration. You can look at the preview images, you can examine the teasers in the animated GIF form, but that’s it. If you were planning to fuck over the system by cumming to fresh Elegant Anal scenes without paying a single penny, we got some bad news for ya, jack!

Assfuck Movies with Top Pornstars

The main premise is very straightforward. Basically, you get to see the best-looking adult movie actresses (of all legal ages, of all body types) enjoying savage sodomy in front of the camera. The set-ups vary and the action is varied as well, so it’s never boring…. Which is exactly what a TRUE anal porno fan needs. Most other sites offer derivative content that probably won’t be able to get ANYONE off. Not to say that the other assfuck-themed sites are not great in their own right, but their content sometimes grows stagnant, which is not something that can possibly occur over at Elegant Anal. They really are a cut above.

Best Anal Porn to Stream and Download in Ultra-HD 4k

At present, there are over 109 premium anal porn movies for you to choose from. All can be streamed and downloaded in the highest possible quality with no restrictions at all. Each scene is accompanied by a sexy-ass gallery averaging 190 pictures. As you might imagine, all the content is 100% exclusive. The updates schedule is pretty consistent for the network (2-3 videos a week), but EA stopped updating in June of 2020. Bummer.

There’s a thing that makes up for it – the fact that you can access four more sites, including Stepmom Lessons. That helps add instant intrigue, we feel like.


Will Evil Anal be the one site that gets a perfect 10/10? Nope. There are a few things that require tweaking, but that does NOT take away from the fact that the content itself is pretty close to flawless. It’s varied, wonderful, and easy to get hooked on. We have an easy time recommending this resource to anyone, especially people that genuinely enjoy butt-blasting.

Similar Sites

This site’s main competitors in the Anal porn niche are Tushy.com and Anal Hookers. Each of the sites is worthy of your attention because it’s able to bring its own brand of magic to the table. That being said, we think that Evil Angel is very curious, but there’s the fact that it stopped updating. We would place it below Tushy but above Anal Hookers.

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