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It’s time to accept that black girls look better than their white counterparts in general and especially while stroking cock. These girls promise to “milk you dry” and that’s not an exaggeration, it’s a perfectly valid prediction.

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Ebony Tugs Full review

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Mixing Two Underrated Niches to Create Something Perfect

One of the biggest reasons why Ebony Tugs is so popular is that… Well, interracial porn is extremely popular in just about every part of the world. Every variation of interracial is really popular because, let’s face it, there’s something so thrilling about fucking someone of different race or ethnicity. Variety is the spice of life and there’s nothing spicier than IR action. However, all interracial porn sites are different. They weren’t created equal. Ebony Tugs is a cut above all else because it offers sensational content. Their scenes are simply immense and you are NOT going to have any reasons not to give this a try. Honest.

Anyway, what are the biggest selling points of this one? What makes it so special? First and foremost, women of color are underrepresented in the world of adult entertainment. That’s a fact. Second of all, handjobs are also underrated in terms of their mainstream appeal. Major porn companies just treat them as a stepping stone of sorts, which is just stupid. Stupid and lame. Anyways, this site manages to create something truly special by mixing two niches that are very much underrated. The action itself is fucking scorching, if you want any reassurance. In addition to that, all the scenes look good and you get lots of additional content from the bonus sites as well. Now that’s that!

Good-Looking Scenes in HD with Lots of Sexy Action

At the time of writing, there are at least 54 different X-rated movies for you to choose from. They are available in HD, but not in Ultra-HD, which is a bummer. Even if not everything is uber-ultra-crystal-clear, the scenes still look great. The same can be said about the galleries – each contains approximately 135 photos and the images are accessible in high resolution, which is just perfect. The site updates 5 times a month, BUT some of the content might be rotating. A closer examination is required.

From the visual standpoint, this one is pretty decent. It doesn’t look sensational or even particularly memorable or anything, but it does offer at least some visually arresting materials. The color choices are all over the place and the website looks obnoxious on mobile, but it’s mostly passable, we don’t want to nitpick or anything like that. Anyways, the navigation is great. It’s a useful feature, y’know?

Good-Looking Scenes in HD with Lots of Sexy Action

Ebony Tuggers Being Amazing at What They Do

This site’s selection of black hotties is just immense. And immensely impressive. It’s not the biggest one in the world, but it’s the one that will surely get you off. Once again: the girls are all great and they all put in great performances, but there are still a few standouts that we just need to mention. The first one is Valencia Vixxxen. Her scene was titled “Valencia Knows How to Do It” and it was a fucking revelation. First and foremost, you have to understand that Valencia doesn’t really look like the kinda gal that would know how to give a good handjob, okay? She looks different, she looks like some mild-mannered geek girl or something. Anyway, her hot body looks even hotter when she jerks white meat. We don’t know how that works, but it just works! She turns out to be an expert stroker and makes sure that BWC cums a lot!

The second one is Adriana Malao. Believe it or not, her scene was THE scene that helped put this website on the map, originally. The girl did great and we think that she really blew everyone away because nobody knew what to expect from the fresh-faced newcomer. Adriana knows how to look good while doing some REAL bad things.

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