Dirty Gunther Full review

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  • Unique content
  • Bisexuality representation
  • Lots of bonus sites
  • Infrequent updates

Fetish Porn with an Old Perv

Usually, if they are doing fetish porn, they are doing fetish porn. All the sites that have a certain fetish, a certain theme in mind, usually focus solely on that. So, if you come up with a certain theme, like say, bisexual banging and sexual exploration, it is hard to find a good website that does that and something else as well. First off, we would like to say that we are NOT saying that sites SHOULD go for several different things at once. We just think that it is a good idea to do so. Not everyone can pull it off, but once they do, they are a hit. We don’t see why they can’t have more than one thing going on at once. Plus, if you do stick to a certain theme, you can always switch it up by adding something fresh to the mix. These are just some ideas that we want to throw out there but we think that there already is a website that managed to weaponize all of that and so much more… Dirty Gunter.

This site features an old, decidedly unattractive European grandpa on his journey of sexual discovery and exploration, through his second half of life, and we will now tell you how they did it and how you can get the goods.

Like a lot of people, you will probably be a little discouraged by the way this site presents its content. It is just front-loaded with lots of polarizing action, i.e. Gunter’s asshole getting stretched by a younger dude or something.

There are:

  • CFNM,
  • femdom,
  • and even old vs young scenes featuring hot women.

So do not worry about that. The fucking looks great at every level and you are sure to get a real kick out of it. There are several really good and great movies that show you how dirty this fucker is. The site is unique thanks to the fact that you have one of the nastiest guys ever doing some of that freaky shit for the camera. The stuff is filthy but it is also incredibly hot.

Gunter Gets Freaky Frequently

This collection is far from small – 69 scenes, so you are going to have a great time with it. As a new member of the Adult Prime Network (Dirty Gunter is a part of it), you will have access to 27.6k+ porn movies, over 120 studios, and daily updates. It is a great deal for those that don’t want to invest a lot of time into searching around. This is a great way for new members to get started with some really good quality dirty stuff, including other fetish sites with even freakier ideas.

The design of this site is not too exciting but the functions are what makes it so unique. This website comes packed with a lot of features and unique tools. These are quite impressive for a porn site. You can watch the movies, and most of them are damn fine, without downloading them. You can also download them in the highest quality. The porn is good because it is so special, but the design and navigation are also on par.

Fetish Porn with an Old Perv

Gunter’s Gorgeous Girls

One of the hottest girls involved in this kind of freaky porn is… Cindy Shine. Yeah, this girl is great. She is the center of attention in lots of the best movie scenes in general, but her encounter with Gunter reallymakes her shine. The scene in question has her teasing Gunter’s stepson with her marvelous ass before getting spit-roasted in a kinky fashion. These are just two reasons why this site is the one to start your investigation. Cindy’s hottest scene is with a gross old man and that old man knows how to double-bang a lady in a really hot fashion. The stepfamily angle makes it better as well.

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