Dirty Coach Review

by: Usman Clark

Dirty Coach is the porn site from Teen Mega World network meant to invite you to the gym, watching fit hotties sweating and pumping iron. They squat so deep that you can see the camel toe stretching their sexy tights. Of course, no fitness instructor can withstand such a show without getting boner, so those cuties are going to get pounded hard after the workout. Superior quality of those scenes (both videos and photos) add to your entertainment, though small amount and no recent updates leave a bitter taste.

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Dirty Coach Full review

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  • + Excellent Full HD
  • + network sites
  • - No more updates


Obviously, Dirty Coach means to fit the Reality porn niche, while placed among other Teen mega world network sites it definitely belongs to Teen niche. Thus, the resulting combination is Teen Reality Hardcore, which sounds perfect for almost any porn site visitor. We expect to see lots of sweating pussies, athletic girls in tight pants, their round bubble butts and intensive pounding, performed by massive, muscular fitness instructors.


We get what we deserve. Excellent quality of both technical and artistic components of these scenes on Dirty Coach make this porn site one of my favorites. It definitely fits the Teen niche, exposing the hottest young (extremely young!) girls having sex in the gym, and most of those girls are really fit and tight, just as we have expected! The action is somewhere between hardcore and art porn, often being sensual and slow, though sometimes getting hard and intense. In a few words, Dirty Coach is worth your attention.

Scene format

Typically, you get a short, 3-5 minute introduction, exposing a hot teen girl exercising. She pumps iron, lifts weights, and gets her nipples sticking through the tight top, and her bubble butt thoroughly exposed from various foreshortenings. Finally, she’s overheated and her couch helps her take off the excessive clothes. Thorough cock-sucking and pussy fingering / licking signify the prelude for the hardcore sex that they have throughout the rest of the scene. Fucking tight teen flesh in various positions on gym benches and fitness balls, muscular instructors flood girl’s faces and mouths with massive cumshots. Most of the scenes are typical one on one action.

+ Excellent Full HD videos and 7 MPix photos

Typical photo resolution here is 3500×2333 pixels, which is great. Those pictures are really large and sharp, with perfect lighting and foreshortening, and you can download them zipped. Videos come in four different quality formats: 720p HD wmv videos and 1080p Full HD, 540p SD and 405p SD mp4 files, all of which are downloadable. The highest bitrate we were able to find here exceeds 8,000 kbps for the 1080p mp4 video.

+ Excellent TMW design

Dirty Coach is a part of Teen mega world network, and it has inherited its modern, convenient design. Actually, it’s built-in the network design, so you can access it only through the common gateway. There is advanced search for filtering purposes, several sorting options, member forum and model index. Users can rate and comment scenes, like or dislike other users’ comments and add scenes to favorites. You can also rate models separately, accessing their profiles through model index. Not too many ads, though sometimes they can become annoying.

+ A plenty of bonus network sites

Becoming a member of Teen mega world network (which includes Dirty Coach), you get access to over 4,000 exclusive porn scenes, not only devoted to teens, but also exposing Shemales and Gay boys on particular porn sites. 42 original porn sites are available here, many of which keep updating. Overall update frequency is very satisfactory (almost daily!), and the amount of content exceeds your possibilities to watch it.

– Very small amount of content – 32

There are just 32 porn scenes on Dirty Coach, while the porn site is relatively old (4 years by now). It’s explainable: the resource has stopped updating long ago. Each scene contains a 20-25 minutes of video and 120-180 photos in a gallery, which is quite average. You shouldn’t expect many scenes from Dirty Coach, as well as much diversity. Though all of these videos and photos are exclusive, 56 scenes (as a rule, at least two scenes her are devoted to the same girl) is not enough for a good porn site.

– No more updates

There were no updates since December 2014, which makes 6 years without updates by now. There is no hope left that Dirty Coach will ever update again, so don’t bother looking for upcoming scenes or any kind of schedule. The network, though, does update, so you can look for fresh scenes on some other porn sites within your member zone.

– Low usability of model profiles

Model profiles are not very useful. There is nothing there you could make use of, except for the list of scenes for the particular girl, exposed in the TMW network. You can also use model’s profile to rate the girl, for the rating sorting option in the model index. Model profiles contain no description for the girls, no information about them, and no stats, which is saddening. You have the possibility to send each model a private message or two, but they rarely respond to that.

Expectations vs Reality

There is a content statistics block on top of the site — be aware, that it references the total network content, i.e. Teen mega world network. Over 4 thousand videos and daily updates can be found on the network, but they have nothing to do with Dirty Coach particularly. What they actually promise for this website is 100% exclusive and high-definition teen porn videos. Judging by the scene covers exposed on the landing page, the porn site is great, and you’ll actually find those scenes in the member zone, so it seems fair — you do get what you’ve expected. However, they forget to mention that the porn site hasn’t updated for the last 2 years.


Dirty Coach is worth $29.95 monthly, if you’re a man of simple pleasures. If you’d love to safe some cash, you can try the 3-month subscription for $59.95 or an annual membership for $89.95. There is a 2-day trial that costs $1 and rebills at $39.95 after the expiration. Payments are processed by Epoch, Segpay or Vendo — you can use your credit card, online check, PayPal or PaySafeCard to purchase the membership. There is a pre-checked cross sale in some cases — watch out for VideosZ charging you for additional $39.97 every month.


It’s clear that Dirty Coach is worthless without updates and with just 32 own scenes, but the Teen mega world network access outweighs any issues of that kind. After all, if you have any free time watching the endless exclusive porn scenes in the network, you can spend them enjoying intensive, aesthetic and hot sex videos on Dirty Coach, particularly if you love the gym / workout thematic. The girls here are hella sexy, so you definitely enjoy your membership. Consider purchasing a long-term membership plan!

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