Dark Room VR Review

by: Usman Clark

Nowadays almost nobody is stupid enough to claim that VR pornography is just the latest fad. Everybody knows that it’s THE next big thing. Dark Room VR is a site that has been making the rounds among VR enthusiasts for quite some time now. It’s THAT damn good.

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Dark Room VR Full review

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  • Amazing taboo content
  • 7k VR with great quality
  • Full immersion
  • Available for every device
  • No bonuses

Dark and Gritty VR Pornography

Every site has to have a gimmick and Dark Room VR focuses on the taboo aspects of porn and the human psyche. The scenes have a dark and gritty quality to them as they explore cuckolding, stepfamily fucking, and other taboo sexual topics that you don’t see in the mainstream content. The ladies involved are all very beautiful as well. The action is aided by the forbidden intimacy but is always hot enough to stand on its own, without any context or backstory. Of course, you will be amazed every time you put on a video from Dark Room VR.

7k Ultra-HD for Various Devices

Streaming and downloading Dark Room VR content is possible on all devices, which makes it really easy to appreciate the scenes in a way they were meant to be enjoyed. The videos are in 7260×3630 with a 60 (or 90) FPS frame rate and 180-degree field of viewing. In addition, the sound is also great.

Astonishing Selection of Taboo Passions

There are over 100 different VR videos for you to watch in the highest resolutions possible. It’s not the biggest selection but you are going to have tons of fun with it. Every scene feels like a new experience and has an average runtime of 40 minutes. That is A LOT of porn that you’re getting!

Weekly Updates with Wonderful Fucking

There are at least 5 brand-new scenes released every month. This update cycle is rather impressive. We think that it takes a lot of time and effort to produce the content that looks THIS good, so kudos to the Dark Room VR team. They really have that shit figured out! What’s even more exciting is that you might get more than five scenes per month.

Nice Design and Great Browsing Features

In keeping with their “dark” themes, this website’s color scheme is also dark. You know, it’s not quite the most subtle or inventive approach to branding but it’s something. The sorting and browsing features are also incredible, which is something we really appreciate. Is this site great at everything or what?

Great Place for VR Porn Addicts

This website is just perfect for VR porn enthusiasts since it has everything they appreciate about the immersive brand of adult entertainment. The scenes are added on a frequent basis, the quality is untouchable, and the dark themes explored by these movies are simply stunning. The whole thing creates a strong sense of immersion and there’s nothing you can do about it. You WILL feel as if you’re the one fucking those women or indulging in whatever other fetish that is involved. And that’s an experience worth having!

No Bonuses to Enjoy At All

There are no bonuses, but that’s fine. This site is really good and we feel like it’s more than enough to stand alone without any special perks. The scenes can be watched and re-watched a few times over so it’s not like you are going to have enough time to binge watch additional XXX movies or anything like that.

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