Cream Her Review

by: Usman Clark

Cream Her is a site that specializes in creampies of all kinds. Some of the most appealing pornstars from all over the globe explore their love for gooey finishes in a wide-ranging collection of hardcore, cum-centric pornography.

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  • Varied creampies
  • Kinky pornstars
  • 4K scenes
  • No bonus sites

Their Kinks Make All the Difference

CreamHer is a website that focuses on creampies. A premium paysite operating within the ever-popular creampie niche is nothing new, however, this one right here really offers something special. It’s worth your time because it can provide you with some entertaining action. Really taboo fucking, really impressive creampies, the whole nine yards. The scenes released by this website are impressive in terms of pleasure because they certainly show that the performer’s arousal is on a high. You can’t take that away from these scenes: it’s obvious that the lady in question actually wants to get creamed. It’s a great thing and you gotta appreciate the hotness of it. What’s also important to note is that the women experience REAL orgasms along the way. There’s no fake bullshit spotlighted here because all the women actually enjoy getting fucked with passion. These women actually enjoy getting pumped full of semen. That’s what you should understand as the viewer. It’s great to have pleasure from a scene that features women that are actually into it. It makes all the difference.

Aside from the above, are there any other things that make CreamHer stand out? Yes! Thousand times yes!

  • You get real variety as the ladies enjoy anal, vaginal, and oral creampies.
  • The videos are shot in POV, which means that you’re getting some real immersive action all across the board.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the fact that the scenes are available in 4k Ultra-HD.

That means that your viewing experience is looking damn fine as you enjoy all the action.

CreamHer is unlike any other creampie website and there’s just so much they can learn from it. It’s obvious that there’s a focus on production value, hotness, and authenticity. That’s a rare, RARE thing nowadays.

Creamy Holes Spread Across UHD Scenes

There are over 35 creampie porn scenes for you to choose from, including Latex, Big Tits, and Blowjob. The movies are available in jaw-dropping UHD and they all look great. Not only is the picture quality great, but the sound is also perfect! All these make CreamHer the ideal place to explore if you’re looking for something truly immersive. What’s more, is that the total number of updates that you get every month is somewhere between 2 and 3. There are new scenes that will surely make you cream your pants too!

The navigation process is simple and straightforward. Thanks to tags, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also enjoy the photo galleries that accompany every scene. The average runtime for a CreamHer scene is 22-25 minutes. Also, this website’s design deserves a round of applause. Seriously, this website is absolutely beautiful and most of the design decisions here are classically tasteful.

Creamy Holes Spread Across UHD Scenes

Creaming the Kinkiest Ladies with the Hottest Bodies

There are many cum-hungry ladies to choose from and that’s something you should definitely enjoy. The women are all great in their own way, meaning that each model offers something special. They really are the cream of the crop. It’s not all about appearance, however. It’s also about their lust. Anyway, there are two women that deserve a special shout-out and, by some strange accident, they both hail from Russia. The first one is Sasha Rose, a once gorgeous brunette that turned herself into a living plastic doll through excessive plastic surgery. The pierced pussy bimbo teases a bunch and earns a hardcore creampie in cowgirl. She prefers it when it’s dripping out.

One more ravishing Russian that deserves a special shoutout is Lana Roy. She doesn’t mind getting her pretty face pounded. In fact, the doctor suggested it in the first place… or a nurse. The curvy brunette gets fucked in creative ways and enjoys a sensational creampie along the way, just to top it all off. The nastiness of her latex fetish creampie scene is only matched by her good looks and sexual intensity. It’s easy to see why there are so many people that are obsessed with Lana.

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