Crash Pad Series Full review

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Hot, Horny, and Iconic

The 2005 dyke XXX cult hit The Crash Pad serves as the inspiration for the website, which follows the exploits of a Bay Area apartment that serves as a haven for steamy lesbian eroticism. You might live out your wildest desires under the watchful eye of the Keymaster, portrayed by filmmaker Shine Louise Houston, who ensures that the lubricant is constantly replenished and the bed linens remain consistently clean even if they were previously soaked in pussy juices. This site is very easy to recommend even for people that are not usually into lesbian action or things like that. It really was marketed as “queer porn for vanilla porn lovers” and that is not that far off. Don’t go looking for any boring sex in here, though. You will not find any movies or pictures that are boring.

The action is mostly story-driven, but there are many movies that feel mostly like gonzo porn. For the more adventurous viewer, there is also a slew of bonuses that you may enjoy. Just don’t get too interested in any one of them because it is probably going to still pale in comparison to what has to offer. It really is a website that you need to browse slowly, focusing on the boobs and fannies and embracing your sexual fantasies like never before and never again.

Every Episode is Worth Watching

There are 370+ episodes for you to check out. The episodes can be grouped by theme or some other factor like the date of upload and so on. You can enjoy closed captions, HD quality, and additional photos that are going to heighten your sexual arousal.

From a visual standpoint, this site is well-designed and there are several elements adorning the screen that make you appreciate your sexual submission to There is a lot of juicy content to be found, so you are not going to be focusing on the oddest parts of the design for far too long.

Unconventional Hotness from the Best Babes

Unconventional Hotness from the Best Babes

For instance, there is Janie Blade. She is a very seductive performer that knows how to get into the physical world of lesbian eroticism in a way that is novel and hot. She is more of a creative performer, as evidenced by the fact that her videos are not necessarily about what you think they are about. The scene that paired her up with Freya Mars was a great one. It really looks like a straight woman is having an adulterous affair with a lesbian. Or does it?

One more girl that is easy to recommend is Akira Raine. She might be way too edgy for some people, but we believe that her videos are totally worth the view. If you are in need of some rock-star eye candy, you have just found the perfect lady. She enjoys sex and violence, and she claims to be a mutant that loves explosives. What is there not to love?

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