CFNM18 Review

by: Usman Clark

CFNM 18 is the playground of extremely naughty wannabe dommes – teenage girls that love teaming up to humiliate naked guys in the course of classy CFNM gangbangs. They trample them naked studs, play with their cocks real rough, ride them for their own pleasure… They are awesome!

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CFNM18 Full review

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  • + High content quality
  • + Sizzling hot unique content
  • + Access to Adult Prime Network with plenty of content
  • - No longer updating
  • - Very small collection

Review update 2021

  • Site’s follow to big network Adult Prime
  • CFNM 18 – stopped updating, other sites in network updated daily
  • Content – clothed babes, hard fucking naked man
  • The archive contains only 12 photo galleries and 13 videos (but collection of network is big)

2012 initial review

You still think that teenage girls are brave enough for softcore erotica only? Screw that boring way of thinking – tonight they will show you that they are up to much wilder things as well! What we are looking at this time is a site called CFNM 18 – a site fully dedicated to the clothed-female-naked-male games of bossy European teen girls. They attack stripped men, they humiliate them and give them rough handjobs and blowjobs and make fun of them… Yeah, baby, they do get damn dirty here!

Free tour

The free tour at this resource is both sizzling hot and a tiny bit alarming. On one hand, it is just overfilled with kick-ass teen CFNM porn scene teasers showing guys getting teamed up by gangs of dominant clothed girls and fucking them through whatever outfits they have on. On the other hand, it hasn’t got even a single video trailer offered. Why is that? Aren’t the owners of this site confident about the quality of their movies? If so, why the heck are those HD stamps everywhere? Gotta slide into the Members area to get all of these questions answered, I believe.

Amount of Content

Hmm, now that is weird. I actually thought I saw quite a good deal of them teaser scenes on the free tour pages of this resource and what I get in the Members area is fairly disappointing. I agree that this site is 100% exclusive, unique and hot as hell – but does that mean it can attempt getting away with only 10 scenes offered to its members? Man, that’s laughable! What I also didn’t like was the fact that a couple of scenes available there offered movies and vidcaps only – and no full-size pictures. That kind of sucked.

Content Quality

The quality of the content offered by this site is something that is not that easy to put into numbers, I must admit. For instance, when it all comes to the videos, it sounds kind of modest – only 1280x720Px at 5160Kbps. However, when you see this stuff filmed with Canon Mark 5D cam, looking crystal-clear and almost tangible, you will understand it is better than it sounds. The pictures are exactly the same – 1750x1167Px in size but just super-clear and well-shot.


Really eager to know how often this site gets updated? Well, I’m very sorry but I can’t shed any light upon it – simply because this resource is a super-mysterious one that doesn’t give any information about its new releases. There’s not even a single date stating when the videos have been released or when the next updates are scheduled for… In fact, if the quality of the content offered here wasn’t so high, I’d even start suspecting this site of being outdated.


I bet you won’t be really glad to hear what I’m about to tell you, my friend but… I can’t do anything about it. The bad news has to do with the bonuses at this resource – the bonuses that are simply lacking. There is no mentioning of free extras on the tour or join pages and the site’s Members area is by no means more generous. I checked that Movie Feeds section and it was all empty, then I went to the Related Sites one and it was empty too. There is some stuff listed under Cams and Dating headers but all that requires paying for. Thus, it’s safe to say that this site has got no extras to offer at all.


So, what can I say about the navigation system of a porn site that offers you a lot of promising links and buttons but nothing behind them? Quite expectedly, I will say that it sucks. All in all, the Members area of this resource looks smart and tidy and fairly easy to navigate but it still sucks that there are those misleading sections. Maybe they will get filled up with content after some time though – who knows.


So, it’s time to finish this review up and I’m feeling a bit weird. On one hand, is a real stunner – it’s hot as hell and its unique teen CFNM porn content is golden. On the other hand, its collection is tiny, it has got no bonuses to offer and it looks like its promises about three weekly updates are plain BS. Anyway, it’s good enough to be worth the price of a 1-month subscription. But be careful with longer ones – you might end up rather disappointed.

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