Brutal Facesitting Review

by: Usman Clark

Brutal Facesitting is a medium-sized Fetish porn site, devoted to particular action mentioned in its title. It’s hard to judge how brutal it is (doesn’t look too brutal for me), but there are several apparent features of the site, making it rather enticing: beautiful and shameless girls, who really love to dominate, exclusive content, HD videos and high-resolution photos. Let’s go deeper!

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Brutal Facesitting Full review

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Judging by its title, Brutal Facesitting is obviously focused on that special fetish, when a girl’s crotch finds a cozy spot to sit on a guy’s face, rubbing the pussy and asshole against his mouth and nose. The niche is Fetish, the category is Facesitting, and the special feature of the site is its models: voluptuous and dominant Russian (mostly) girls, who know how to excite their watchers.


Brutal Facesitting has had a plenty of fans for a reason. Its girls are really great, especially the few Russian divas, who had the point. The content on this site is impersonated in medium-length fetish porn videos and average-sized photo sets, and it’s quite relevant to the site’s title. Though some salted fetish fans have a bit rougher understanding of “brutal”, probably, most of the members agree that the degree of brutality and perversion is just fine. The only thing that could be better here, is more hairy pussies exposed.

Scene format

Typical scene lasts for 15 minutes and exposes a lot of very impressive actions. First, you get introduced to the mistress, who shows off her delicious, godlike body to admire. Then a man comes in to serve and to obey. Probably, he’s naked and wearing a collar. Mistress uses her slave tongue to polish boots and lick her pussy until she comes, she may even reward the slave with strap-on or dildo ass-fucking, or let him toy her pussy. Then she orders him to get down on bed and gets upon his face to rub her crotch against it, as the main element of the action. After probably another orgasm or two, if she’s pleased enough, she may want to reward her slave with a divine handjob, just to smear cum all over his face.

+ Enough amount of content

Brutal Facesitting cannot offer an outstanding amount of content, but it offers just enough to entertain the members for at least one month, or even longer. There are 208 exclusive porn videos and 218 photo sets, available on the site at the moment. Average playtime of videos is close to 15 minutes; photo sets usually have around 90-110 pictures. Due to high quality and uniqueness of the scenes, which allows to enjoy them over and over again, the collection seems large enough to recommend for watching.

+ Good quality, including HD videos

Brutal Facesitting was launched over 10 years ago, and it’s hard to demand Full HD videos from the scenes created in 2006. Anyway, the recent ones are provided in HD, which is 720p wmv files with up to 3984 kbps bitrate. Not very impressive, but fine in most cases. You can really enjoy the details of the show thanks to high-quality and sharp picture, and flawless camerawork. Other available formats include 800×450 mp4 videos, which can be opened (streamed) in browser or downloaded. Photos are exposed in original resolution of 1720×1147, though there are other formats too: 800×600 and 1024×768. You can download zipped sets or particular photos one by one.

– Rare updates, possibly recycling content

Unfortunately, Brutal Facesitting has reduced frequency of its updates: the site used to update weekly, but now it only adds one new video and one new photo set (usually with the same mistress) once a month. Thus, you only get two updates monthly, one of which is a video, and one is a photoset. It’s a very slow updating rate. The update schedule on the Home page demonstrates two next updates, a video and a photo set, with their cover thumbnail, description, name of model and date of publishing.

– Raw design

Brutal Facesitting definitely needs to rework its design. It looks pretty raw from the first sight, and the more time you spend on this site, the more issues you find. First of all, scene layout is not very convenient, and pagination is lame: you get all page numbers in one place, making a mess. There are no ratings for scenes, no sorting and no filtering options, except for photo / video sections. Users can leave comments, but they clutter in one place so it’s hard to read them, especially if they’re long enough. There are no favorites or any other user lists. Instead of a forum, they have some kind of guest book, where members can leave feedbacks. Do not expect a reply, though.

– No model profiles, no index

There is a model list on Brutal Facesitting, however, you cannot filter models by alphabet, or any other way. You cannot sort them neither, though they have some kind of ratings and votes counter. Model profiles contain a random description, not really relevant to real model’s info, and no other information. You can get list of her scenes too, videos and photos separately.

– No network or bonus content

You won’t get anything for free from Brutal Facesitting. This site offers a few sites that you can include in your membership, but for a separate payment (approximately $69.95 monthly for access to three sites, including this one, see Payments). Several porn sites exposed in Extras are nothing more but advertising, with at best 30-40% discount.

Expectations vs Reality

Everything that they dare to promise is 100% exclusive shooting. Well, they could’ve promised more, because they really have something to show. Amazing models, superior camera work and direction, very exciting scenarios, and all this exposed in up to HD videos and photos! Definitely, the porn site has exceeded expectations, though some issues, like no bonus content or rare updates are saddening.

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