Bollywood Nudes Review

Bollywood Nudes

If you want to get the taste of real XXX exotica, don’t waste your time on boring ethnic porn flicks by Latin or Asian girls. Nude Indian dancers are the ones you need! Let’s go take a closer look at them as we review a porn site named Bollywood Nudes!

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Bollywood Nudes Full review

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This site is no longer active - it is closed or has been moved to another place. We do not recommend that you search for a link to it for security reasons. Better choose another similar site in the same category.

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Love ethnic porn but are already growing tired of all those sites offering XXX works by Asian, Latin and black girls? Looking for something more exotic? Well, looks like today’s site under review can give you exactly what you are looking for. It’s called Bollywood Nudes and it shows the finest Indian chicks getting naked and naughty for you! The focus seems to be on nude dancing here – those gorgeous swart beauties weave ancient Indian dancing styles into striptease and perform for you as they get rid of their clothes nice and slow. However, looking at free teasers, I can’t help but notice a few scenes that are not limited to stripping. Looks like we’re going to see some lesbian action and good old straight banging as well! Don’t know about you but I certainly don’t mind that! In general, however, I feel a bit uneasy looking at this site from the outside where everything looks kind of shabby and outdated. Anyway, now let’s come in and see if the inside is any different.


When I was looking at the free tour pages of this porn paysite, I started suspecting that it wouldn’t turn out too impressing in terms of size. You know, all those pics and vidcaps from the same scenes being repeated over and over again… Unfortunately, my bad expectations turn out to be correct – everything that a member of will find inside this site are 15 picture galleries and 20 videos. Damn! Okay, I agree that this stuff is rare and shit – where else can you expect to see hot Indian girls dancing naked with huge scary-ass snakes? But anyway – that’s just not enough! And the quality of all this stuff makes the whole thing even worse. Maybe someone would find 1024x683Px pics and 856x480p@1823Kbps movies enjoyable but, as for me, they just suck. And while two updates published every week may solve the problem with the size of this porn collection in the nearest future, it doesn’t look like low-quality vids and photos will be replaced by HD ones sometime soon.

Final words

Still, not everything is as bad as it seems to be from the first sight on the pages of Bollywood Nudes. There’s a very enticing selection of bonus porn paysites that will be yours at no extra cost. There are 35 sites from the Porn Nerd network, 44 sites from Aggressive network, a bunch of additional channels full of XXX videos (of rather low quality, unfortunately) and… Hey, here’s something that you just have to know about this resource. There’s also an HD version of it available among the bonuses! What you will find inside it are 19 Indian porn flicks – all different from what we’ve already seen inside the main site’s content collection, all boasting of very decent quality. 1280x720Px at 6320Kbps… Hell yeah, I like this stuff much better already! On the other hand, this doesn’t affect the whole situation that much – I’d still say that $29.95/month is a price too high to pay for 39 videos. Still, you can always go for that non-recurring option costing $34.95 and giving you full access to the site and the whole of its network with no automatic future payments involved. This might actually be a good idea, you know!

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