Behind the Towel Review

by: Usman Clark

The main star of Behind the Towel, big skilled stripper calling himself Iceman is here to prove that even the most obscene offers are always regarded as very exciting by party girls of all ages. At his site you will be able to see him proving it by hooking it up with a whole lot of babes and face-fucking them right on stage!

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About site

Those crazy party girls… Nothing can compare to hooking it up with them as they always prove to be the loosest and the naughtiest in bed, that’s for sure. Thanks to loud music, heavy booze and the absence of their boyfriends, some of them go completely crazy in clubs and often get involved into things they don’t even want to remember the next morning. Well, they don’t – but we, guys, always do remember it, right! 😉 Behind the Towel is a porn resource dedicated to the sexual feats of a popular male stripper Iceman – a hung swarthy stud cruising various hen parties and other places like that, showing his body and, of course, his meaty unit every here and there – and getting pleasured by exceptionally adventurous hoochies! At the analyzed adult website you can find the full compilation of his glorious movies – if you believe the promises stated on the outside here, there must be over 300 of them waiting for you in the Members area. Chicks getting stripped together with Iceman, chicks licking whipped cream off his long hot dog in the privacy of his dressing room and right on stage, even chicks getting humped by him… Wow, looks like this site has really got a lot of stuff to offer us.

Free tour

Frankly speaking, there was something that made me feel kinda suspicious straight from the start and that strange suspicion didn’t leave me later. How come this Iceman has become an exotic dancer? With that beer paunch of his he looks like he’s spending most of his time in the local pub, not in the gym like he’s supposed to. Thus, I guess that it will be no surprise to you that most of this fatso’s customers are mature babes. Of course, there are some exceptions among the 22 “acts” that you will be offered inside the main content section of this site – but most of this guy’s victims are still rather old.

Amount of Content

By the way, those 22 CFNM scenes showing girls getting face-fucked the reviewed source that was covering the hips of the stripper are not everything you are going to get here. There are several sections dedicated to pretty similar adventures of other male strippers, most capable of bragging considerably better bodies than that of the Iceman. If I get everything right, all in all there are 67 “acts” (this word is used to refer to a full-time video, as far as I see) here. Of course, this has hardly got anything to do with the 300+ movies promised on the outside but still… I wouldn’t say that this showing is really that bad.

Content Quality

The quality of the offered content appeared questionable straight from the start too, by the way – so I wasn’t really surprised when I saw that the clips offered by Iceman and his milf-cruising buddies had the screen frame of 320x240Px and the bitrate of 512Kbps. Yeah, it’s simply laughable – and it only adds to my overall impression about that is getting worse and worse, unfortunately.


The last and the only update date I have managed to spot at this resource somehow was August 23, 2009. Well, you’ve got to be one hell of an easy believer for that – or are these guys shooting their vids with the help of their cell phone cameras? Sorry, their laughable quality makes me much more skeptical than usual.


Any bonuses here? Sorry to say that but you are not likely to be offered to enjoy them, bud. Advertised sites – yes, but no free bonuses at all. I wouldn’t say that I’m too much of a freebies addict but I’m still quite used to getting extras at the XXX sites that I’m visiting. Damn, my surf through the Members area of the described XXX paysite is getting more and more disappointing – so I guess I’d better leave it for good right now.

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