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Beach Jerk

Beach Jerk is a nice Voyeur porn site, featuring hundreds of short videos and thousands of photos from the hottest Spanish nudist beaches. This resource focuses on tits and butts of real girls, who flash it near the sea; however, it doesn’t simply sneak peeks at these girls, the cameraman is brave enough to talk to many of these girls: you even get a special interview section and some videos made in private.

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Site closed

This site is no longer active - it is closed or has been moved to another place. We do not recommend that you search for a link to it for security reasons. Better choose another similar site in the same category.

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Beach Jerk belong to Voyeur niche, particularly that part of it that shows nudist beaches. Thus, except for the hundreds of appetizing tits and butts, you get amusing sea, sand and sun. Beach Jerk tends to give you an opportunity to safely watch all these naked girls and even jerk off without leaving home or attracting anyone’s attention. Just like you’ve always wanted!


There is no sophisticated ideas behind the site’s title. It’s just as simple as it is: you get a plenty of footage shot on the nudist beach, with the cameraman apparently choosing the most attractive girls for his scenes. Something you don’t usually expect from such sites is the Interviews section, where he talks to some of the girls on the beach. Anyway, the porn site seems to serve its purpose well.

Scene format

Typical scene is a simple observation of some particular girl on a nude beach. Some of them suspect that they’re being watched, some do not. Most of them do not care much. Whether it’s a girl rubbing the oil into her skin, or a babe dabbing in the surf, the camera watches her for a couple of minutes, does some zooming too, and generally exposes the girl to us in all of her naked glory. Some untypical scenes include interviews, where the guys actually make attempts to get acquainted with these girls, simultaneously shooting the video.

+ Good amount of scenes

Beach Jerk has 290 Voyeur videos, 12 Candid Bikini videos and 54 interviews exposed on its pages. It also offers 355 photo sets, relevant to these videos. Though average playtime of the video is short — around 6-8 minutes — there are much longer videos, up to 35 minutes. Photo sets are also not very large: from 10 to 60 photos, with an average of 35 pics per set. Anyway, it gives a good overall amount of hours of video and photos.

+ Excellent 4K quality

Almost all videos on Beach Jerk have fair Full HD versions with 1920×1080 resolution and ~8,000 kbps bitrate. Some videos (most of the recent ones) have amazing 4K version, available for download, which offers over 16,000 kbps bitrate. Photos have resolution similar to the videos: 3840×2160 for 4K scenes and 1920×1080 for Full HD scenes. There are also other formats: 360, 540, and 720 HD videos are available for streaming and downloading. It’s important to say, that regardless the resolution, most videos and photos have good lighting, sound and camera work.

+ Stable daily updates

Beach Jerk updates daily. On even days it adds new videos, on uneven days it adds new photo sets. There are also scenes that the porn site uploads aside from the usual schedule: interviews and candid bikini ones. They have some kind of update schedule in Coming Soon section, but it doesn’t seem to work properly at the moment. Anyway, you can expect a new piece of video or photos every single day, which is great.

+ Simple and functional design

Beach Jerk has simple, though beautiful, design and navigation. Upper panel menu has all necessary functions to get you Voyeur Videos, Photos, Interviews, your Favorites, or Candid Bikini videos. Though the videos are sorted by date and there are no other sorting options, you can use tag filter to look for particular type of scenes (try Real Girls Gone Bad tag!). Every scene can be rated from 1 to 5, you can leave a comment (pre-moderated), and add it to favorites. You can also use Search to find the scenes you need. Embedded video player has no issues and allows to adjust playback quality. Photos are downloadable as zip archives.

– No model index

Apparently, voyeur porn sites cannot have model index, so it’s not a big disappointment. Anyway, they could’ve added something like this, at least for filtering purposes. Particularly, those girls they interview, could have been recorded.

– No bonus sites

Even if you treat Candid Bikini and Interviews as bonus content, it doesn’t change the fact that Beach Jerk does not offer any bonus sites. It does not belong to any network (though its producer has a similar niche network — see Wank It Now). You cannot include any other sites in your membership, even if you’re willing to pay. Thus, you are pretty much limited to the beach voyeur videos and interviews.

Expectations vs Reality

There are no unfair promises given during the free tour: everything is true and impersonated inside the member zone. The 4K videos are really great, and the site updates daily, just like they’ve promised. The only thing that was rather disappointing for me, though it’s not related to the porn site, is that most girls here are average real women, with unattractive tits and some fat on their bellies and butts.

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