21 Naturals Review

21 Naturals is a “mega site” including two sub-sites, 21 Erotic Anal and 21 Foot Art. This resource contains an average amount of scenes, divided in three categories: hardcore, anal and foot fetish. The mega site itself belongs to 21Members network, including 4 more megasites with over 40 total porn sites. However, each megasite (except Bonus network) requires additional payments to access its content, though members get significant discounts.

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21 Naturals Full review

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  • + superior quality
  • + Bonus network

21naturals.com review update December 2019

Actively updated network – a new scene 1-2 times a week. 995 episodes in the collection. from May 1, 2020 the site will be joined to the Adult Time portal, but so far it is part of 21 members. We did not set the category in MegaSite, but left Hardcore, as this is not a full-fledged network, but only combines the content of 3 sites.


The concept of 21 Naturals is based on beauty and grace of young and natural teens, with only natural tits, no piercing or tattoos, and almost no make-up. They pick the most beautiful girls to play in their scenes, and expose them in Art Porn action. Thus, the niche of the site can be defined as Natural / Art Porn, though it also features anal scenes on one of its sites, and pays a lot of attention to feet worship on the other.


21Naturals is divided into three sections: the title porn site, 21Erotic Anal and 21Foot Art. On the first one you get regular Art Porn scenes with beautiful and natural teens / babes, on Erotic Anal you get the same plus a plenty of anal action in those scenes. Foot Art features feet worship on top of everything else, thus exposing such actions as foot jobs, toe sucking, nylons and cum on feet.

Scene format

Typical scene here bears a resemblance to Nubiles and other famous Art Porn sites: everything is smooth, tender and passionate. It starts with a girl waking up or dealing with her daily routine, and thorough exposition of her beautiful body, without a particular focus. Then a lover comes in and they pass to a thorough slow prelude. Soon you see the girl taking her lover’s cock inside, and softly moaning. After several positions change, including possible oral sex, the guy finally cums on the girl. Erotic Anal and Foot Art have some specific content according to their titles.

+ High to superior quality, excellent photos

The sites are relatively new, launched in the second decade of the second millennium, so the content quality is very high. The most amazing thing here is those super-hi-res photos, up to 4928×3280 pixels. You can also choose a lower resolution: 1280×853 pixels. Each scene contains a video, and in this case you can adjust the streaming quality (HD / SD), and choose a download file: from 272p to 1080p and !!! 2160p mp4. The FullHD videos have bitrate of approximately 7,000 kbps, and high frame rate, making them realistic, flawless and smooth.

+ Several weekly updates

Though the Upcoming section is not yet implemented, 21Naturals updates regularly and rather frequently. The average amount of updates you can expect is three new scenes every week: several for the main site, and one for Erotic Anal or Foot Art. Thus, the main site updates 2 times a week, and two other sites update once in two weeks. The overall update rate is fine, which gives us hope that the amount of content will increase to a proper value shortly.

+ Convenient design, full functionality

There are almost no ads on 21Naturals, though you may get offered to join other producer’s networks time to time. Navigation is quite simple and convenient: site filter and tag filter on the left, date / rating sorting for scenes, good model index and Search. The only issue is those self-expanding and closing network site menus. The porn site provides comments, ratings (Like or Dislike, rating calculation is based on the proportion), and favorites, both for scenes and models. There is no user forum, but a plenty of other facilities: check the upper menu for 3D porn games, Interactive videos (!), and other interesting stuff.

+ Full model profiles

There is no site filter for network models, but the total number of entries in the index exceeds 4.176 mostly porn starlets and stars. Alphabetic and rating sorting, plus alphabetic and model tag filters are available (unlike scene tags, model tags sound like “Asian”, “Brunette”, “Big Tits” and so on). Model profiles are thoroughly depicting the girl: large photo, list of scenes, biography and stats, comments and ratings. No need to mention that almost all girls are very beautiful.

+ Bonus network (20 sites)

You get three porn sites within 21Naturals network, plus a huge bonus of 20 porn sites in the bonus network, available to all members of 21Members network. This includes such sites as Mighty Rods, Sex City Asia, Intermixed Sluts and other, generally hardcore porn sites. Total number of available scenes exceeds 18755.

– Average amount of content

Just 955 total scenes is definitely not enough to call 21Naturals a mega site. It’s an average amount even for a standalone resource. The average length of the scenes is also not outstanding: each scene is provided with approximately 25-minute video and 120-140 pictures in a photo set. The amount of videos on particular sites (Erotic Anal or Foot Art) are even smaller.

Expectations vs Reality

You don’t usually expect 995 scenes from a “mega site”, but it’s ok due to large amount of bonus content. The design is attractive and the scenes are superior: photo quality exceeds any expectations, while 1080p videos fit right in. The network has a wide specter of additional activities, like 3D porn games and interactive content, which definitely exceeds any expectations. Thus, the overall impression is quite positive.


21Naturals is a small network, but very alluring, especially if you love Art Porn and beautiful innocent babes. Sensual videos and photos, superior quality and tons of bonus content are absolute advantages of this “mega site”. Plus, you can get a good discount for the rest of 21Members network, one of the greatest porn networks of contemporary.

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