In order to provide you with the most reliable and trustworthy information, we carefully review each and every website based on a number of criteria. To find out more on how the websites are rated please read the information below.

Bear in mind, even though we try to be as objective as possible, some parts of the reviews might appear subjective and depend on the opinion of the reviewer.

How we rate porn sites


In the first section we rate the quality of the content based on the technical aspects as well as on its production value. The maximum number of points a website can get for its content quality is 20 pts. Here’s how it’s calculated:


Resolution/Bitrate (10 pts max.):

  • 4K/VR – 10 pts;
  • FHD – 8 pts;
  • HD – 6 pts;
  • SD – 4 pts.

Production (4 pts max.):

  • Directing – 2 pts;
  • Cinematography – 1 pt;
  • Editing – 1 pt.

Acting and Performance (4 pts max.):

  • Plot – 1 pt;
  • Acting – 1 pt;
  • Dialogues – 1 pt;
  • Set design – 1 pt.


Photo Quality (2 pts max.):

  • High-resolution photos – 2 pts;
  • Low-resolution photos/Screenshots – 1 pt;
  • No photos – 0 pts.


In this section, the websites are rated based on the number of the unique visual content available (videos and photos). Please, note that we don’t take in regard scenes that are split into several smaller sub-scenes or episodes. The maximum number of points is 20 pts and here’s how we calculate it:

  • 15,000 – 20 pts;
  • 10,000-15,000 – 19 pts;
  • 5,000-10,000 – 18 pts;
  • 2,000-5,000 – 17 pts;
  • 1,000-2,000 – 16 pts;
  • 700-1,000 – 15 pts;
  • 600-700 – 14 pts;
  • 500-600 – 13 pts;
  • 400-500 – 12 pts;
  • 300-400 – 11 pts;
  • 200-300 – 10 pts;
  • 150-200 – 9 pts;
  • 100-150 – 8 pts;
  • 80-100 – 7 pts;
  • 60-80 – 6 pts;
  • 40-60 – 5 pts;
  • 20-40 – 4 pts;
  • 10-20 – 3 pts;
  • 5-10 – 2 pts;
  • 0-5 – 1 pt.


Updates are one of the most important features when it comes to rating a website. A consistent and regular update schedule creates an incredible value and is much appreciated by the website’s users. The maximum points a website can get for having a consistent update schedule is 15 pts, however, calculating the points for this part is a bit more complicated, as websites can be penalized and thus having 4 pts deducted if they don’t keep their promises updating the website as regularly as they advertise.

  • 12 pts – Daily updates;
  • 10 pts – Weekly updates (or more often);
  • 8 pts – Biweekly updates (or more often);
  • 7 pts – Monthly updates (or more often);
  • 4 pts – Semiannual updates (or more often);
  • 2 pts – Yearly updates (or more often);
  • 1 pt – Last update was 2 years ago or earlier;
  • +2 bonus pts – The dates of updates are listed;
  • +1 bonus pt – The list of upcoming updates is listed;
  • -4 pts – A penalty for cheating;
  • 0 pt – the last update is more than 4 years ago.


In this section we rate how user-friendly the websites are, how well they perform on different types of the devices, what features they offer and how well everything works. The maximum number of points awarded for usability is 15 pts. and here are the criteria:

  • Adaptive/Responsive design (usability on different devices and platforms) – 0-5 pts;
  • Special features (content downloading in various resolution, video formats, downloading of .zip archives, ratings, comments, likes, messages board, favourites) – 0-5 pts;
  • Search (categories, tags, advanced search, filters, models) – 0-5 pts.


This is the most subjective part as it reflects the reviewer’s personal view and perception, which can be different for different people. We try our best to provide you with the most comprehensive outlook, taking into consideration all the facts that might be interesting for a broader audience. The main focus is to analyze whether the price/quality ratio for a particular website creates enough value as well as to check what features are available compared to the competitors, whether there are any discounts, whether the website really deserves your time and subscription. The maximum number of points that a website can get in this section is 15 pts.


Finally, the last section of every review is focused on extras, in other words, bonuses that are offered together with the main subscription. We take into consideration the number of bonuses, as well as the diversity, to make sure that you not only have a possibility to explore additional websites or additional features such as Live Cams or Live TV, but can also benefit from them. The maximum number of points that a website can get for its extras is again 15 pts.

  • Quantity of bonuses and extra features – 0-5 pts;
  • Quality of bonuses and extra features – 0-5 pts;
  • Diversity and exclusivity of bonuses and extra features – 0-5 pts.

We strive to provide you with the most reliable information and hope that now you can understand what makes our reviews so special and considered. If you have any questions, feedback or concerns regarding our reviews or methodology, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope you enjoy our website and get maximum benefit by making your choice of porn paysites more rational and well-thought out.