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This is where you came to the main page – searching for Porn Reviews. This is the largest and most informative page on our site, because we decided to show all categories and the top 10 sites in each category. We combined the categories into interest groups – in our opinion, this is more convenient than just alphabetically. We also visually showed the tags – with icons you can immediately determine what interests you.

Porn Ratings

All lists are sorted by rating – as a percentage from 0 to 100. Where 100 is the maximum rating of the site. The rating system is independent and tied to criteria, they cannot be deceived or inflated – the editor who adds sites to our database acts according to a pre-defined algorithm and assigns ratings to sites. Thanks to this, you see good sites higher than bad ones. We try to be objective. A list of the best sites by rating can be found here – Top porn sites

New porn sites

Every day we browse the Internet in search of new sites and immediately add them to the database as soon as a new product appears. We don’t write a full review right away, since new porn sites often have little content. We give half a year for the site to gain mass and prove itself to be stable. And then we’ll do a full review. therefore, such sites are not rated – here is the complete list of new porn sites reviews

Categories and tags

If you are interested in all the sites in a category, you go to the category page – in some niches the number of sites is more than 50. Here, each site has a picture characterizing its content, a brief description, tags and review date. The same thing applies to tags – to view all sites containing a certain tag, just click on the tag icon. All categories and tags

Single Site Review

The most interesting thing is the reviews. We try to cover information about the site as thoroughly and widely as possible –

  • prices,
  • actual data,
  • screenshots from closed areas.

In the review itself you can read the reviewer’s impression of the site and the content. About design, structure and scenes. The topic of models and uniqueness of content is also captured. All assessments are divided into criteria, and there are also pros and cons – as a conclusion. On the right you will find the best sites in the category or bonus sites. Photos from the site and screenshots will complement the overall picture.

Porn Discounts

We ask site owners to give a discount for our visitors, because even a small saving is good. You can check if you are on the site by simply entering the site name or going through our link. The discount only works through our link. Here we have combined all the discounts on one page porn discounts

Closed old sites

We remove a site from the listing if it closes, is unavailable, or the site owners deceive visitors. But such sites are not removed from the database – to warn you, and we store them for history. We decided to publish a list of all such sites on this page – https://pornpaysites.net/closed-porn-sites/ And you will find a list of unscrupulous owners and those banned from us here – https://pornpaysites.net/banned-porn-sites/
Remember that we do not recommend that you search for these sites; this information is for you only to warn you.

Best regards, The team of pornpaysite.net!