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  • Content Quality
    18 / 20
  • Amount of Content
    20 / 20
  • Updates
    14 / 15
  • Site Design and navigation
    15 / 15
  • Originality
    11 / 15
  • Extras
    12 / 15

About site

The porn site called Yanks that I have reviewed some time ago got really really famous because of its unique orgasm-centered masturbation videos – the ones where real girls-next-door masturbate the way they please and not the way it is prescribed by the plots of their staged scenes – and the ones where they cum for real, right in front of the camera letting you see the intricate details of a female orgasm with your own eyes – and down to the tiniest detail. Tonight I'm here to review Yanks' alter ego – a site called Yanks Videos, which lets you focus on the same stuff with Yanks, only mostly in real motion.

Free tour

Even though I hardly have any reason to doubt the exciting potential of this website cause its big brother is close to blameless, I still can't hide the way I feel about the way this source's outer part looks. Man, the quality of its design is fairly low, it looks dull and kind of outdated even though the things it "says" on its pages are pretty up-to-date. It promises to bring Yanks to the big screen of your PC as well to the screen of your iPod, PSP and mobile phone. Hmm, let's see if it's also good enough for iPhone and iPad too.

Amount of Content

Anyway, just in case there are people who haven't read any of that stuff yet – here we get to the described adult website. All in all, there will be 856 videos and 770 photo shoots for you to enjoy. Even though I have already seen them several times, the fact that they are damn hot is something that I would never deny.

Content Quality

Some of them show lesbian and bi-curious girls hooking it up and doing each other with big strap-on dildos, while most are still those solo masturbation and orgasm must-sees that Yanks got so famous for. The pleasure of the girls moaning and writhing and squirting in front of camera becomes simply overwhelming when you see it on 2800x1860Px photos and HD video with the frame size of 1280x720 and the bitrate of 3000Kbps. Awesome stuff!


The updates in this network's joint Members area are building up with the fuckin' speed of light. Of course, there are days when Yanks remains unchanged – but there are also days when it bursts with more than one update at once! Thus, it's safe to say that those updates here are almost-daily.


In spite of being such a loaded one, the site under my scrutiny also comes up with a good deal of extras, among which The Whispering Lily is probably the most prominent. This is not a porn site, in fact – it's a whole adult social network allowing its members to communicate with each other, post their own pics and videos and get it off to others' ones. Damn, social networking has never been this sexy, word! And yeah, one shouldn't forget about the reviewed resource' plentiful bonus movies, photo scenes and porn video feeds as well – they are there to keep you even busier than you thought you could be. And yeah, the erotic stories and models' hand-written bios telling about their masturbation habits are also a pleasure to read.


Haha, fun stuff... Are they kidding? I joined, I entered its Members area and you know what I saw on my very first page inside it? Bla-bla, we are so proud of our network of sites that we decided to stuff the whole of it into one Members area. So, even though I was meant to review the analyzed adult site, I'm back to Yanks – ready to tell you all of the things you probably know by now. Hey and if you have also read the reviews of Billie's Bitches and Girls And Fingers, then this new review of mine will be of hardly any use for you – it's all the same.


As you can see, the analyzed porn site turns out to be something it wasn't really supposed to be – though I still have to admit that it's one hell of a tempting destination for a porn surfer. Just like any of the sites that it's affiliated with. ;) Thus, I will conclude that everything here is almost perfect – except the things that I rate in the Originality section.



  • Monthly: 29.85 $ (30 days recurring)
  • 3 Month: 59.8 $ (90 days recurring)
  • 6 Month: 99.7 $ (180 days recurring)
  • 1 Year: 149.5 $ (365 days recurring)
  • Number of movies: 34
  • Pic sets: 34