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Wierd Japan porn review


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2nd Review porn site: Wierd Japan

The name of the site under review tonight sounds odd and so is the stuff that it actually offers to you on its pages. Weird Japan – that's how they call it. Well, it's no surprise to me actually – having reviewed a whole network of Japanese porn sites lately, I can really tell that porn producers from Japan take up weird actions in the stuff they shoot really really often. Therefore, Weird Japan must be a reasonable production after all. Anyway, let's go take a closer look at it now.

First, I didn't quite understand the weirdness of this site actually. Yeah, the actions like sex talk shows where a guy is choosing one of countless naked girls with faces covered and then fucks here were really unusual and exciting but not really that weird. Besides, all those simple fuck parties – every other Western site supplies it by the ton. However, there was one teaser scene that really made me change my mind for good… There was a scene of tentacle fucking that drawn hentai porn is so famous for. What's so weird about it, you wonder? Well, only the fact that it's not drawn actually! A real chick wrapped into ugly slimy tentacles, getting them pushed into all of her tight orifices, into her twisted mouth… Damn, if there are scenes like that inside Weird Japan, then I see why it was named like that. If there are scenes like that inside Weird Japan, then I'm fuckin' coming in right now!

Even though the archive of Weird Japan is so unusual, it turns out to be surprisingly nice-sized – there are 97 scenes comprising it at the moment. 483 real full-time scenes among which that tentacle fucking episode is still not the weirdest. I myself was just stunned by the scene where a guy dressed up like a ghost was ripping clothes off a busty chick and playing with her boobs right in a crowded metro carriage! Damn, that was fun to see. You know, this site is actually something bigger than a porn gag – it is nor funny but exactly excitingly weird. Luv it! Another thing that makes this site simply awesome is the decent list of updates – new scenes of weird sex and erotic play appear here every single day! I went as far into the updates history as I could only go (only a couple of weeks, unfortunately) and there was not a single day when Weird Japan was left unchanged. Awesome results on that one!

On the other hand, the fact that this site grows with such an impressing speed does not make its collection any more qualitative. My guess is that the content at Weird Japan is not actually that fresh. I don't want to say that it's not exclusive – maybe it is. But it definitely has been shot a while ago – this is something that I can tell with no sweat looking at 720x540Px movies with the bitrate of 2000Kbps and the screencaps that are probably intended to be passed for pictures.

Anything else that Weird Japan can brag? Hell yeah, there is something! This site actually turns out to be a part of a really awesome network of as many as 17 resources – all of them dedicated to Japanese guys and girls! Alright, most of them offer content of exactly the same low quality – but most of them also have considerably larger archives! The total of 10k+ full-time Japanese porn scenes, many of which are damn weird – this is what you are offered to get for your money here.

Sounds tempting? Hell yeah, I know it does. Weird Japan is an odd yet a very impressing resource – one that will never ever keep you indifferent. You might like it, you might hate it – but you will never leave it unnoticed, that's for sure. Check it out – it will be interesting!


memberzone screenshot 1 (2017-03-01)
Screenshot #1 (2017-03-01)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2017-03-01)
Screenshot #2 (2017-03-01)


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