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White fuck holes site blocked Review date: 2012-07-26
  • Trial: 1.00 $ (7 days )
  • Monthly: 24.95 $ (30 days )
  • 3 month: 39.60 $ (90 days )
  • We recommend do not register at White fuck holes because it is not safe for you

    About site

    White Fuck Holes is an interracial black-on-white porn site that draws users’ attention to the question that was bugging me for years. How come white bitches are so eager they enjoy anal sex, all-holeys and even DPs with monstrously black men with no sweat? Damn, it’s so hard to find a video showing a black babe taking some hood cat’s foot-long meat up her ass while whiteys doing the same are exposed on the net by the hundred! Anyway, why waste time on trying to answer this question – let’s better go and spend some of it on the awesome vids at the site under review.

    Free tour

    Well, that part about the awesome vids at this site is still only a supposition, to be honest. The fucked up part is that this resource doesn’t offer you any trailer videos at all – not even a single one! There is that clip listing the advantages of the network that this site belongs to and all the freebies you will get if you join it but… That’s pretty much it – you can only imagine what is happening inside the Members area. Fortunately, I have got my access to it – and I’m heading there right now.

    Amount of Content

    Okay, here we are inside the Members area and… The time of rather unpleasant revelations begins. First of all, I have to admit that I’m anything but satisfied with the size of this site’s content collection. You will get only videos here – no pics at all – and the count of those videos is definitely not the most inspiring out there. There are 48 movies available here at the moment – a showing that is not terribly bad but anything but good either.

    Content Quality

    The quality of the movies one can find at this site is as modest as their selection. This is something that you understand the very moment you start downloading them – with average file size of 200-300Mb, they are probably not the clearest out there. And yeah, true story – I have just downloaded one and it turns out to have the frame size of 720x480Px and the bitrate of 1540Kbps. No way, that just can’t compare to HD porn of today!


    I don’t have absolutely any idea about the regularity of updates at this resource, no bullshit. Even though the first page listing the scenes is filled with, like, six thumbnails of upcoming videos, I can’t predict when they are going to be released – there are no update dates stated on them. The previously released flicks are as mysterious as that too – you can’t say what day/month/year they date back to. However, the questionable quality of content makes me feel that they are either old or simply not exclusive. Or both.


    The Members area of this resource is surely not the most convenient and user-friendly one when it comes to navigating it. Basically, it’s all as laconic as it can only be – listings of videos, streamline and download links, listings of bonus sites with the same simple interfaces… Nothing special.


    The description of the bonuses is probably going to be the best part of this review. It belongs to the awesome Wank Pass and its means that you will have as many as 38 other video collections to access and enjoy without any charges here. Are any of them dedicated to interracial fucking? Nope, I don’t think so. There are some interracial flicks that you will run into every now and then – but no particular sites dedicated to the pleasures of black-on-white sex. There are also 4 free bonus pic channels – but they can’t offer much to interracial porn fans as well.


    Frankly speaking, even though the reviewed adult website features quite a few brave cream-skinned sluts used to all-hole monster cock penetrations, I wouldn’t recommend you to spend money on it. The value of what you get is questionable here – as long as you are not a porn omnivore, of course. If interracial porn is just one of your numerous passions and you can enjoy other niches of adult content just as much, then what can I say?.. Welcome!