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Review porn site: Virtua girl

Yeah, I have been to a lot of porn sites and VirtuaGirl is not the very first of them desktop-based things that I get to lay my hands on but still... I’m just stunned by this one, I’m telling you! Even when I first downloaded their software, I knew I had all the reasons to expect a lot from this one. They really get the things straight on the pages of their site – you download their program client (it’s a tiny one – only around 20Mb), you install it (it takes just a few moments) and you are ready to go! There will be a hot chick dancing in her revealing outfit right on your desktop!

The cool thing is that this desktop action stuff gives you an effect of real presence – I don’t know how to explain it but it feels better than the usual 2D porn. You can have that hottie dancing for you in the right bottom corner of your screen while you are working, surfing the net or chatting with your friends – or you can just sit back, switch on one of the screenshots and have the honey full-screen! Of course, the controls system is pretty elaborate here – it won’t cost you much effort to hide the stripper when you boss decides to take a look at what gets you so damn horny at your working place. ;)

Yeah, the initial teaser stuff is 100% free – but if you want to go further and strip the girls naked, you will have to pay a little. It’s not much though – every “credit” (1-2 credits are enough to buy you one naked show) costs something around 1$. Of course, if you buy them in larger amounts, they will cost less. For instance, 20 credits will cost even less than $10 already and so and so on. What is also just great is that in addition to the chosen model’s desktop strip show, you will get a bunch of bonus pics from her and a couple of bonus videos too. The desktop stuff deserves being called HD and the photos and the movs are also anything but bad – the former are 1800x1200Px ones and the latter reach 3600+Kbps in bitrate. Rather impressing, eh? :)

So, how many girls are there after all? Man, I bet you will be just stunned! I wont even dare to count them all as there are too many of them – what I can tell for sure is only the fact that all of them take part in the total of 691 stripping scenes (a single girl can appear in 2-10 of them in different outfits and different roles). By the way, the cast of this site also deserves some of your attention, homie – I was impressed by all of them sexy Euro exotic dancers but what I found just shocking was the participation of such superstars as legendary Aria Giovanni, Eufrat, Jana Cova and others! Whew, this is something.

How often does this one get updated? Erm, well, unfortunately, I don’t think I can answer this question right now. The navigation system at the main site where you download the viewing software from and where all the payments and stuff take place is pretty fucked up, which prevents me from finding the update dates. I think I have seen a section saying that this site gets updated daily but I can’t be 100% sure, so let me leave this site with an 8 instead of 10 in the Updates section of the rating... They don’t list the future updates anyway, which gives me the right to subtract those 2 points at least. :)

So, looks like it’s the time to finish up this review and to make your final decision. You know, I’m not the kind of guy who’s responsible for talking you into joining this site but... At least check it out – you are very likely to find it interesting. Plus, you can check the non-nude action for free in the beginning out, so why not? :) Oh yeah, and don’t miss the chance to read what other users of this site are saying about it – there are 11,000,000 of them and the social feature of this site is pretty easy-to-use, so there will always be loads of discussions for you to take a look at. ;)


screenshot 1 (2010-11-09)
Screenshot #1 (2010-11-09)
screenshot 2 (2010-11-09)
Screenshot #2 (2010-11-09)

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