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Review porn site: Virtua Guy HD

The site under review tonight is one I can't be 100% certain about straight from the start. The whole idea behind it is an exclusive and very hot one – it gives you a true stripping club experience by letting you look at hot male strippers getting naked and playing with themselves for you on a brand-new type of media. No, they won't be exposed only on pics or videos for your pleasure – the thing that makes VirtuaGuy HD (this is how this site is called) so special is the fact that these gorgeous stallions will actually be getting rid of their clothes piece by piece right on your desktop! You heard something about this type of content, haven't you? Well, it's finally here for you to enjoy! ;)

The question that bugs me now is the following: is VirtuaGuy HD a site for gay men or a site for women? Basically, I can tell that it can be both. Judging by what I have seen here so far, the studs that will be getting naughty on the screen of your PC here are all very manly and they hardly ever focus your attention on their asses – they behave like real men letting you scrutinize their muscles and their rock-hard cocks! There are only two of them that do the stripping together (they are 100% gay, for sure) – the rest of the guys are solo dancers.

The first part of your interaction with this site is going to be fairly simple. You download the software from VirtuaGuy HD site (it's 100% safe, I'm the one who tested it personally, so I can definitely be sure about that), you install it to your PC and... Bingo! You get the teaser animations showing the guys acting sexy and even showing some of their bodies on your screen right away – all without having to pay even a single cent. You want more from these gorgeous studs? Here's where you will have to spend a couple of bucks.

The good part here is that the shows are never too expensive – a full-time one costs around $0,5-1 only. The price depends on the scene status ("Specials" cost less) as well as on the size of the credit pack you purchase. As usual, the more you get, the cheaper the credits are. What is also just great is that every show that you purchase includes something bigger than just that desktop show stuff – you will get a bunch of extra 1800x1200Px pics and a couple of up to 3600Kbps videos from each of the guys! Mm, that's turning into one hell of a generous offer, don't you find?

Are there enough scenes to choose from? Yeah, there are. I won't say how many models are there exactly – but they offer you the total of 90 full-time shows. Each of them is surely worth seeing – you will understand it the very moment you see those guys!

Having taken a quick look at the comments section, I'm ready to conclude that VirtuaGuy HD is more of a gay porn site after all – there are way more comments from men than from women. By the way, VirtuaGuy HD turns out to be more than just a virtual porn platform – it's got a strong social background allowing you to communicate with other users of this site (there are over 300,000 of them if you believe the data stated on the front page of this site itself).

Any bonuses? Well, there are some but I doubt that they will be of much interest to you as they are fully dedicated to girls. It's the same desktop stripping and lesbian sex, so... Well, if you ever decide to switch your attention to girls and walk out on the guys, remember that VirtuaGuy HD will be there to help you with that. :)

So, looks like there's hardly anything bad that I can tell about this resource, right? The only thing that I didn't quite like was the absence of info about updates – that's fairly disappointing. The rest is all blameless though – huge thanks to VirtuaGuy HD for giving me the opportunity to escape from the world of mainstream porn and entertain myself with something unusual. ;)


screenshot 1 (2010-11-11)
Screenshot #1 (2010-11-11)
screenshot 2 (2010-11-11)
Screenshot #2 (2010-11-11)

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