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"Virgin Paradise" site review

Site niche info

Primary Category: Teen
This site in thirty of the best Teen
Other Category: no other categories


Trial: 4.95 $ (3 days recurring)
Monthly: 34.95 $ (30 days recurring)

Site Facts

Average length:111
Number of movies: 111
Pic sets: 19384


Content Quality
10 / 20  
Amount of Content
12 / 20  
6 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
6 / 15  
10 / 15  
12 / 15  
Other Review Rating
4 / 10 (4 sites)



2nd Review porn site: Virgin Paradise

About site

Virgin Paradise is a porn site for those who love them ladies very fresh – in fact, not just very fresh but the freshest. I don’t know if they really mean it when they say that they don’t invite anyone but real cherry chicks for their shoots but… Well, the free tour pages back their words up just fine, I guess. The girls you will see there are all so young, fresh and sweet that you will hardly believe your eyes when you see them. They might really be virgin – and some of them might really be getting their cherry pussies popped in front of the camera and in front of thousands of gawking men on the other side of the screen.

Free tour

Why I say “some”, you wonder? Well, the point is that far not all of the scenes that this adult site offers to its visitors are hardcore. In some of them you will only see those cherry chicks getting naked and showing their untouched little holes on camera. No hardcore, just a little masturbation maybe… Well, that makes me believe that “real virgins only” promise even more. But okay, guesses aside – let’s move on into the Members area finally.

Amount of Content

Okay, looks like nude posing and sex with guys are not the only things that the innocent cuties featured by this website do. Upon entering the Members area, I saw that its content section was split into three main niches instead of the two I expected to find there. Softcore, Hardcore and Lesbian… Yeah, baby, right – some of the cherry chicks prefer their first sexual experiences to be lesbian and, hell yeah, I can’t do anything but appreciate this decision of theirs. So, moving category by category, the count of scenes here is as follows: Hardcore – 77 photo shoots and 1 video (WHAT THE FUCK?), Softcore – 457 photo shoots and 2 videos (WHAT THE FUCK? X 2), Lesbian – 47 photo shoots… Damn, I’m stunned. Well, the analyzed porn site is a really big and good site and everything but... Why the hell are there vids only? That’s one good question.

Content Quality

In addition to offering so few videos, the reviewed porn website also supplies them in terribly low quality. Wanna know how “good” they are? Here you come – they have the frame size of 400x300Px and the bitrate of 689Kbps. But that’s laughable! Yes, it is. The pictures, in their turn, are better – but not impeccable too, which makes me think that is sort of outdated. I mean, those pics reach 1500x1000Px in size but when you open them in this resolution, they look fairly blurred. Not that cool, for sure.


The thing that makes my negative confidence grow even more here is the lack of update dates. No, they are not tucked away into some furthermost corner of the site’s Members area cause I think I have already been everywhere where they could have potentially been stated and… El zilcho! Yeah, the described porn source is most probably both old and outdated. This is something that I’m almost sure about.


I don’t know if it’s going to make you feel any better or not but this site is actually backed up by quite some bonus resources that might soothe your grief over spending your money on a super-old site at least a little bit. So, all in all, there are 12 of those sites, most of them look like they are up to date (even though none of them states the update dates more or less openly) and, which is the best part, one more of them is dedicated to teens. Its name is Rus Teen Sex and… Well, what can I say… it’s awesome. You gotta see its huge collection of content and its juicy little sluts.


Okay, this is where I quit and move on to some other site that I have got on my to-review list. Not that I don’t like this porn resource – there were some things that I found rather enjoyable on it. However, the overall impression is rather negative, I must admit.


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