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Videosz Me site blocked Review date: 2012-11-07
  • Trial: 1.00 $ (3 days )
  • Monthly: 24.95 $ (30 days )
  • 3 month: 59.97 $ (90 days )
  • We recommend do not register at Videosz Me because it is not safe for you

    About site

    There is one very important thing that needs being clarified straight from the start here, I believe. Videosz Me is a homemade porn site that doesn’t have anything to do with the high and mighty Videosz that I consider one of the best porn sites that I have ever been to. It’s obviously an attempt to piggyback on that awesome site and… That kind of pisses me off straight from the start – even though this site actually looks promising. Homemade porn ranging from non-nude posing to kinky fetish fucking – this site looks like it can give you all that and more!

    Free tour

    The free tour of this site is a pretty good one, for sure. The endless rows of cool-ass thumbnails representing lots of different homemade sex pic galleries and flicks do look enticing enough making you wanna pounce at this site and get the best of its stuff right away. But hey, look, what is that? I can see irresistible porn superstar Jennifer White here – right up in the top section of the front page! Damn, it looks like this resource is not spared from the biggest sin of homemade porn sites – professional XXX scenes made to look like rookie porno. This trick with Ms. White could have worked with inexperienced porn surfers but not with me. It’s not easy to cheat this old guy, you know. ;)

    Amount of Content

    When you enter the Members area, there are both good and bad things already waiting for you. First of all, it’s not even the Members area of this site technically – where you end up is Amamagz, which is, most probably, a copy of the resource under review. On the other hand, does it really matter when you find yourself with your hands on 4,420 pic galleries and 3,734 movies? I bet that only the toughest will stand it and refuse to enjoy it all because it’s not exclusive. I’m not one of them, by the way.

    Content Quality

    Sure enough, homemade porn sites are not the ones where you should go when on the quest for high-quality porn. And this one is by no means an exception from the rule. Those 320x240Px videos with the bitrate of 625Kbps, those pictures, the best of which only reach 1000x750Px in quality… You have got to be really into rookie porno to enjoy all those. I’m quite used to it already, I must say though, so no hard feelings from me. It’s just that I hope to see more up-to-date homemade porn of higher quality here soon.


    Oh wow… Looks like my hopes were totally in vain. Unfortunately, it seems that waiting for to get updated is like waiting for a snowstorm in Sahara desert in the middle of the summer. The last time something new was published by the “rookies” from this site was in February 2011, a year and 7 months ago. I just wonder what the heck has happened. People stopped shooting porn at home? Oh come on, gimme a break!


    Despite the fact that this resource is actually a constellation of 9 different homemade porn sites, it still doesn’t mean that it won’t have anything except those 9 sites to offer to you at the price of one membership. There will also be… 20 bonus videos! LOL, that’s what I call model generosity. :) But anyway, I guess I’d better stop bullshitting about this site not offering you enough freebies. With its enormous collection of own content taken into account, it sounds almost blasphemous.


    Navigating such an oversized collection of porn is not that much of an easy task – especially when you are doing it with the help of this resource’s basic navigation system. It’s as amateurish as the site’s content – and it makes surfing the whole thing a very challenging experience. It’s good that the whole site is neatly split into 9 main categories (or sub-sites) – at least, they will help you find the stuff that you are most interested in more or less quickly. And that search bar – might be of some use too, you know.


    Say, what do you value more in porn sites – the quantity of content or its quality? Frankly speaking, I’m more or a quality guy – that’s why I’ll probably come sifting through the content archives of this site right after I’m done with this review. But if you are into high-quality porn and want it even if you can only get it in relatively small amounts, then… I wash my hands of it. If your case is the latter, then you’d better search our porn review site some more.