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Video Box Men Full review

About site

The gay porn branch of the infamous XBiz 2012 Best Adult Site called Video Box, Video Box Men doesn’t push any huge numbers in your face straight from the start of your acquaintance with it but… A brief look through it makes you understand that it’s anything but small too. The listing of 46 categories that this gay porn treasury covers, the DVDs from more than 200 studios, thousands of gay porn stars going down and dirty for you – jeez, there’s no way I’m missing my chance to review this one.

Free tour

The free tour at this gay porn site is rather simple but, nevertheless, highly informative. Basically, you can view almost the whole of this resource’s collection for free – the listing of scenes, I mean. You can’t watch it all without paying but… It still rocks to know what you will get for your money. Your very little money, it must be said, by the way. 1 month at this resource will cost you as few as $15 or even less if you go for a multi-month subscription. It’s all cool here – except the quality promises. According to them the best video you can expect from this one will be 640x480Px… Hmm, I really hope that this information is outdated. Let’s go hit the Members area and check it out.

Amount of Content

When you see the collection of content awaiting you inside this resource, you are gonna be, like, oh my gosh, why there were talking about 1,000 DVDs only on the free tour pages? In fact, it’s much more here – 2,252 DVDs with 10,405 full-time movies at the moment! Holy crap, I can’t even think of another gay porn site that would offer its uses THAT much content. Sure, it’s not exclusive here but the selection is still fine – they take the best from the best studios and post it here.

Content Quality

Fortunately, the information about the quality of content provided at the free tour pages was wrong after all – the best stuff I have seen here so far was 720x480Px video with the bitrate of around 3000Kbps. Still not HD but surely better than the 640x480Px stuff that it promised. What about the pictures? Hey, this site’s name says it all rather clearly, doesn’t it? Sorry, no stills here at all.


Video Box Men releases 1 new DVD every single day, which probably makes you think that you can expect around 4-5 full-time movies daily here. In fact, however, it’s even better – yesterday’s DVD, for instance, comprised as many as 13 scenes! Whew, I didn’t even know they could be THIS large. Anyway, even when the site is publishing smaller DVDs, it still is very cool. 4-5 scenes a day… That’s probably even more than I can watch!


The situation with the bonuses is a bit disappointing at this resource. I understand that it is all huge by itself and asking for more at it would be, like, acting a bit too greedy but… It would have still been much nicer to find something apart from sponsored paysite links in the Extras section, you know. Even with the membership fee at this site being so low, I’m still rather reluctant to pay for something else.


The interface of Video Box Men looks rather simple to me – a bit too simple maybe even. It’s both the free tour and the Members area of this resource that look too modest. Plus, there was one even more serious disadvantage of it all. Somewhere in the middle of my day with this site it just stopped working. It simply wouldn’t let me view the scene pages and watch or download anything. I tried both Chrome and IE browsers but with no success. Damn, that was distressing, for sure.


I don’t know if it’s true or not but I suspect I’m still a bit under the effect of the impression caused by the main Video Box site. It was awesome – so awesome that Video Box Men looks a bit dull compared to it. Dull even in spite of the fact that it offers you 10,000 gay sex movies at once! Damn, am I talking this shit for real? Okay, if you are not as picky and spoilt as I am and if 10,000+ scenes for $15/month seem like a good offer to you (that’s what it is to 99.9% of men), check it out – you might very well enjoy it.

Video Box Men Pictures


Site Facts


  • Number of movies: 10405
  • Video formats:
    • 3000 kb/s 720x480
  • Streaming:yes



  • Model Index:yes
  • Bonus Sites:no

Pros and Cons


    + huge collection of content
    + multiple daily updates
    + hot models and hot action
    + low membership price


    - low content quality
    - non-exclusive content
    - navigation issues

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