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  • Trial: 3.95 $ (2 days )
  • Monthly: 34.95 $ (30 days recurring)
  • 2 month: 49.95 $ (60 days non-recurring)
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Under Feet Full review


The concept is as simple and as beautiful as the site’s title. Under Feet is devoted to a steaming hot combination of Foot Fetish and Femdom. It means, that you not only watching the most delicious babes in the world spreading their legs, caressing their feet, move their toes and wear high heels, but also you will feel their stomp on your chest. Watching those delightful Russian beauties dominate men, make them lick their feet and endure their weight is a real turn-on.


Among the good number of scenes that they have on Under Feet, there are pure Foot Fetish scenes too, but the majority of the collection is devoted to Femdom with a focus on Foot Fetish. Earlier scenes do not possess high quality, and the girls are not very experienced, but every next scene gets better and better, and finally you bump into something outstandingly tempting. Dirty feet, sucking high-heels, collars and chains, and a plenty of other delights for a Fetish amateur. This resource features just what you expect, according to its title.

Scene format

Typical scene on Under Feet is relatively short (around 10-15 minutes), but intense. The actions starts from the first seconds, when a naked slave in a collar waits for his mistress on the floor, and she immediately comes in. You shouldn’t usually expect female nudity from this site: she may wear a sexy combination, or leather, or just casual clothes. She may come barefoot, or wearing high-heels. Definitely she makes her slave kiss and lick her feet, suck her toes and please her in any other way she wants (including face sitting, for example). She will stomp on his face or chest, or butt, to never let him doubt who’s in charge here. When she’s satisfied, and the slave’s exhausted, the scene is finished.

+ At least a few hundred scenes

Not many, but still better than nothing. Under Feet provides 237 videos and 251 photo set, which is more than enough for at least a month of full-time membership. The collection grows larger by months, which is not very impressive. Average playtime, however, is not very impressive: from 8 to 20 minutes, with an average of 12; though it tends to increase from old scenes to the new ones. Photo sets have just fine amount of photos, not overloading you with similar images: around 80 pictures per set, with rare outstanding 160+ picture sets and some old 40-60 picture sets.

+ HD videos and high-resolution photos

Under Feet provides several formats for all its scenes: it is up to 720p HD wmv files (new scenes), 480p wmv videos (old scenes), and SD mp4 videos that you can stream online or download. The best bitrate for recent scenes is as high as 4215 kbps for a 720p wmv video, which is good enough for HD. Photos have non-standard, but high original resolution: 1720x1147. You can also choose to download 800x600 or 1024x768 pixel photos in zip archives.

- Rare updates

Updating rhythm on Under Feet is disappointing. The porn site adds just one video every month, and 1-2 photo sets per month. In August-September 2015 the site hasn’t updated its video collection, and such breaks can happen anytime. Update schedule on the home page shows thumbnail, date and description for 1-2 next scenes, coming this month. However, you shouldn’t expect many updates from this site: as I’ve mentioned before, it only adds like 2-3 new scenes every month.

- Simplistic, not very functional design

The design of Under Feet is somehow not impressive. It looks like a template website, composed in colors too dark and with not very smooth fonts. Navigation tools are limited to the upper menu and lame pagination; there are no sorting / filtering options for scenes. As well, there are no ratings and favorites. You can post comments, but the markup is very lame, so they are shown as a mess. Videos and photo sets have no tags (no model tags neither). You can watch photos and videos in embedded slideshow / player tools, and you can download zip archives / wmv and mp4 videos and their parts.

- No model profiles

Though there is a section devoted to models, counting 67 entries, there is nothing like alphabetic index, or any other filtering / sorting options for the girls. There are even no model tags in scenes! Finding a particular model can take some time, and then you find out that there are no model profiles. Instead, they offer a list of scenes for this model, but no information of any kind about the girl you like. That’s frustrating.

- No bonus content

Unfortunately, Under Feet does not offer any bonus content, sites or whatever. You can add three more sites into your membership by paying twice regular membership fee every month, but it doesn’t seem to worth it. Thus, you are limited to rather specific and at some point monotonous scenes from Under Feet, or exposed to a very pricy multi-site membership.

Expectations vs Reality

You were clearly and explicitly promised up to 3 new scenes every week, 100% exclusive and authentic foot worship videos, flawless content, regular updates (“again!” – PPS), dedicated customer support and great interactive features. We didn’t examine the support to discover the limits of their loyalty, but we definitely see that the updates are far from their claims. There is no doubt that the scenes are very hot and nice, but instead of 3 new scenes every week, you get at best 3 new scenes every month, which is four times exaggeration.


The choice of membership plans includes the following: 2-day limited trial for $3.95 (I’d avoid this); $34.95 for 1 month of access, recurring (too pricy!); $49.95 2-month non-recurring membership (this seems fine) or $69.95 monthly if you want to have access to 3 additional sites (Brutal Facesitting, Russian Mistress, Submissive Cuckolds). No pre-checked cross sales were discovered during the sign up process, though it doesn’t mean that you won’t bump into one, so stay alert.


A fine collection of a few hundred scenes in sometimes very nice quality. Still, not worthy of your money, unless you subscribe for a month or two just to download everything and leave. No updates and no interactivity, as well as primitive website design and no bonus content leave this site out of the competition for the best Foot Fetish / Femdom title. The price seems to be unreasonably high.


Site Facts


  • Average length:12 min
  • Number of movies:over 237
  • Video formats:
    • WMV, 4215 kbps kb/s 720p
  • Full length videos:yes
  • Streaming:yes
  • HD video:yes


  • Pic sets:over 251
  • Pics per set:80
  • Pics Resolution:1720x1147
  • Zip sets:yes


  • Model Index:yes
  • Bonus Sites:no
  • Vid caps:no
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