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Topcams porn review


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Review porn site: Topcams

There are lots of adult webcam chat sites taking in all types of girls from all around the world and allowing them to earn some dough stripping and playing with themselves in front of their webcams at home. And there are also elite adult webcam chat sites featuring hotter models and broadcasting video from their own studios. It looks like Top Cams belongs to the latter type with all of its super-sexy babes, some of whom seem to be famous Euro teen porn stars to me. Beauty and high quality come together with a higher price though. While you can sign up for most amateur adult webcam chat resources for free, Top Cams is not like that. A month of access to this classy site will cost you around 18 Euro. Well, let’s come in and see whether it’s worth it or not.

Okay, here I am inside Top Cams and what I can see there is not quite impressing, unfortunately. You see, the good thing about amateur adult webcam chats is that anyone can model for them, therefore there are hundreds of babes online that you can choose from at any moment of the day or night. At Top Cams it’s not like that. Right now I can see that only 8 models are online and even though I can surely tell that they are all very hot, you might still lack that freedom of choice that many people need so desperately.

And it’s not the most disappointing part yet! You know, I noticed it straight away that Top Cams looked sort of too familiar to me and I was right – just yesterday I got to review another webcam resource called Seventeen Live and it turns out to be absolutely identical to Top Cams – at least, from the first sight. The same interface, only in different colors, absolutely the same models… Damn, that’s by no means good. If you have already been a member of Seventeen Live, then I guess Top Cams is not of any interest to you. In fact, pay as much attention to it as you can before you sign up to it – who knows, maybe Seventeen Live is not the only copy of it.

In fact, I don’t quite understand what the pricing policy of Top Cams is based on. This site is not exclusive, it features a rather narrow list of models… Why charge 18 Euro every single month then? I understand their eagerness to drive those who are not able to pay away and not let them hang around at their site but… The price still could have been lower. And the membership at this resource is not the only thing that costs quite a lot – the point is that the private chats at Top Cams are pretty expensive too. 3 Euro a minute – that’s a lot! There is that sneak peek option allowing you to peep after models while they are in private chat with someone else costing 1 Euro/minute, of course, but that takes all the fun out of live webcam chatting, don’t you find? Thus, I don’t think there will be too many people willing to go for it.

Technically, Top Cams is not that bad though. The video that it shows is broadcasted from its own studios, which is why its quality hardly leaves anything to be desired. Or the speed of loading, at least – the frame size of 640x480Px is not something that really allows you to judge the quality of video. But there is absolutely no lagging here, which rocks.

Each model’s profile also contains a bunch of classy and sexy pictures that, nevertheless, don’t show the girls naked. Recorded shows are also supposed to be there but so far I didn’t manage to find any. Well, the chances are that Top Cams is a relatively new resource and that it hasn’t yet gathered enough recorded content inside its Members area.

Okay, even though, in general, this resource is not too bad, I wouldn’t say that I liked it. Judge yourself – it’s not exclusive, it’s kinda pricey and there aren’t too many models working for it. Even with those few girls being absolutely gorgeous, I still feel a bit dissatisfied. Well, whatever.


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Trial: 4.95 EUR (7 days recurring)
Monthly: 17.95 EUR (30 days recurring)
3 month: 49.95 $ (90 days recurring)